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The SnugLilBug is a personal labor of love.  I am not affiliated with, or supported by, any companies or brands.  I do not make money from this blog, or any other source. I do not plaster my website with annoying advertisements dancing around in your face!

This is something I started in order to spread the word about babywearing, making it easy to find information on dozens of different wraps and carriers, as well as providing in depth reviews and action shots available to the online babywearing community.  Until now, I have sifted through countless websites and have yet to find ONE destination with ALL the answers.  My goal is to make this one single place to find everything about babywearing, sharing, advocacy, support, education, opportunities, and a fun community of other like-minded families.

In the first six months of this amazing journey, hundreds of dollars have been spent on making this project a reality.  If you enjoy my blog, and would like to help continue its efforts, please consider supporting the SnugLilBug.  Every dollar counts and is very appreciated! One mama can make a website, but a world of mamas can make a world of difference! Thank you for your support!