Isara Toddler Wrap Conversion Lime


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: ISARA
Name: Toddler Full Wrap Conversion
Size: Toddler
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Price Range: $150-160
Style: Soft Structured Carrier
Age Range: Small Toddler- Preschooler
Find-ability: Isara carriers are readily available on the Isara website ( The carriers are made and designed in Romania!  

I was offered an awesome opportunity to branch out my babywearing skills by testing for an awesome, up-and-coming to the U.S. scene, babywearing company called Isara.  A good friend of mine lives in Romania and was working on collecting American testers, and I was quick to jump on board, and mamas am I GLAD I DID!


Pros: The very first thing I noticed about this carrier before I even got it all the way out of the box was how FABULOUSLY soft it was… and I mean BUTTERY soft.  The conversion is made from an organic cotton Colimacon & Cie woven fabric, in this case the “lime” colorway.  This carrier came to me brand new in the box, never been washed, and is insanely soft and pliable.  I have not yet felt a SSC that was even remotely close to how soft this one is, even compared with other well broken-in wrap conversions.

I also love the versatility of this carrier.  It is a toddler sized, adjustable, soft structured carrier, with all the frills: PFAs (perfect fit adjusters on the shoulder straps), legs-out padding, shoulder strap buckle, just to name a few.  It would fit on larger babies from about 15lbs up to preschool aged kiddos because of the cool adjustable seat at the waistband.  It can be as large as 18” knee to knee, or as small as 13.5” knee to knee (which is almost the same as the standard Tula).  The height of the panel (from the top of the waistbelt to the top of the carrier) is about 18.5” on this carrier, which makes it a generously sized toddler carrier with plenty of room!  There are also buckles on the shoulder straps, so the straps can be worn crossed or parallel to one another.


Another great thing about the Isara SSC is the price.  For a full wrap conversion, you can’t beat the $150 price tag.  (That is converted from European currency).  For anyone who is wrap conversion curious, and looking for a top of the line material with flawless hand-craftedness, look no further, the Isara is your go-to!


Cons: I honestly have very little complaint about this carrier.  It is made with superior quality organic cotton, sewn to perfection and is a carrier I would love to personally own.  There are a few things that they are working on with the toddler design, such as making length changes/more options to the shoulder straps, and creating a chest clip that can be cinched in a bit more.  These will only enhance the adjustability of this SSC.

Isara is working on certification testing for the United States, but they are already available and will ship to the United States.

Curious about how the Isara SSC stacks up to the ever-popular Tula? Here are a few pictures with the toddler Isara (lime green) and a standard Tula (grey zig-zag).


A few things that should be noted: This toddler Isara does not have a hood. The shoulder straps on Isara have a buckle, while the Tula does not, so the straps can be crossed on the Isara, similar to a Kinderpack.  The shoulder straps on the Isara are a tad wider than the Tula, but are also slightly squishier, less stiff, than the Tula straps.  The legs-out padding is a wider, longer padding than on the Tula, but also slightly less stiff.  The biggest difference I notice between the two is the cinching ability of the chest clip.  Where the Tula cinches down to 4” from strap to strap, the Isara cinches down to 6” (though this is something that may be changed on future Isara toddler carriers).  Many of the other features are similar.


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