Girasol Felice


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Girasol
Name: Felice
Size: 6
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $120-160
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability:  Girasol wraps are pretty easy to find new and used, “Felice” is a Granola Babies exclusive wrap.

At a local babywearing meeting I was lucky enough to love up a few different wraps and carriers. Felice was one of those! I am a huge Girasol fan. HUGE. I haven’t tried a Girasol I haven’t absolutely loved in the history of ever.


Pros:  As always, Girasols never cease to amaze me with their softness. This “Felice” is a very well loved, super broken in wrap, which makes it even softer. When I imagine babywearing, I imagine soft cottony goodness wrapped around a little squish. Felice, along with other Giras like the Symphuo and Tenango, are the perfect squish wrap.


Girasols also offer an inexpensive, yet handwoven, experience. Many babywearing mamas are on a budget, and if you are looking to get the best wrap for the buck, look no further than any Gira of your liking. They have become even more increasingly popular because they are affordable, without losing out on quality. I have yet to try a Girasol wrap that isn’t fabulous (even with the 20lb+ BabyT tank).


Felice is a single twill weave, all cotton, wrap. This means that it is super thin and airy. The 100% cotton is woven nice and thin, so it is extra breathable, even on a hot sticky Chicago summer day. The single twill weave Girasols are the thinnest woven wraps I’ve wrapped with, besides the Bara Barn, and they are the ONLY ones that are this thin AND supportive in the woven department.


Cons: Some may be deterred by the thinness of the single twill weave Felice. While I think there are some serious advantages, especially for warm climate wearing mamas, the single twill weave has been called “diggy” and less supportive for those with toddlers. I have yet to experience any digging with a Girasol, but it’s something I will have to watch for as BabyT grows (though as mentioned, he is already toddler-sized!)

Felice is a gorgeous color blend of deep, vibrant colors. Unfortunately, as it is an exclusive wrap to the Granola Babies store, it is also a harder colorway to find used, and only sold by Granola Babies new. But, it is still available for purchase, so this shouldn’t deter you if you fall head over heals in love with Felice!

The Wrap Up…
Yet another Gira to fall in love with… I most certainly have a sweet spot for Girasols, and so does a friend of mine! I will be inviting a new blogger to the SnugLilBug to innendate us with her Girasol love! What other brands would you like to see blogged about? I have a few cool mamas on board with some goodies to come!

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