Hoppediz Lightweight Dublin


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Hoppediz
Name: Lightweight Dublin
Size: 8
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $90-140
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Hoppediz can be found new on sites like Zerberts.com, but aren’t seen very often on the babywearing swap pages.

A good friend of mine, and the supermama owner of Zerberts babywearing store, gave me two different Hoppediz wraps to add to the 100 Wrap Challenge. I was super excited, as I had yet to add a Hoppediz to the mix! Hoppediz offer some gorgeous handwoven wraps for at a great price. Here is the review for the Hoppediz Lightweight line of wraps.


Up until now, I have only seen a few Hoppediz, or “Hopp” wraps in person. I had never wrapped with one, so I was pretty curious to get to try one. This particular Hopp was of great interest to me because of it’s being advertised as simply “the lightweight.” Hoppediz website describes it as “especially supple, comfortable and airy.” So I decided to put it to the test on a nice 90degree Chicago summer afternoon.


Pros: Hoppediz hit the nail on the head describing this wrap as lightweight. I like that they do not call it “thin,” as there is a huge difference between “thin” and “lightweight” in the wrapping world. I have wrapped with “thin” wraps, like the Bara Barn Shortie and I’ve also wrapped with lightweight wraps, like the Wrapsody Galileo. Thin usually implies less cush, while lightweight implies airy but not super thin. This differentiation is a big one when it comes to combination of comfort and breathability. The “lightweight” part of this Hopp wrap means there is airiness that goes hand-in-hand with comfort.


Hoppediz are also pretty inexpensive wraps. While not the least expensive option, Hopp wraps are cost effective, while also offering good quality, well put together wraps. The Dublin is a gorgeous mix of blues and teals, and I am ever the sucker for these colors mixed together in wrappy goodness!


The last advantage to this wrap is that is it pretty soft, even without being broken in. It isn’t plush and fluffy yet, but judging by how nice it is new, I can only imagine how lovely it will be when fully broken in. It seems to have a similar feel to my Girasol Firework twill weave, which has a smooth, tight weave pattern, nice and supportive, but breaks in with a nice bounce as the threads get a bit more loved on.


Cons: A size 8 wrap can eat me alive. Okay, so this has nothing to do with the properties of a Hopp Lightweight wrap, but WOAH. This is a SERIOUSLY long wrap. I’m pretty sure I could wrap all three of my kiddos (yes the 7 year-old, the 5 year-old AND the 7 month-old) and have wrap to spare! I am planning on having this converted into two ring slings, one will go up for sale to my readers and Facebook followers first, and then on the Facebook Babywearing Swap page. The other will become permastash for the foreseeable future, as I just love the color and subtle texture!

The Wrap Up…
Looking to buy a Hoppediz of your own? Help support a fellow mama and shop at Zerberts, she has an amazing deal on Hoppediz wraps right now!

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