Didymos Nino Petrol


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Didymos
Name: Nino Petrol
Size: 6
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $90-140
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Didymos Nino wraps are a pretty easy wrap to come by new and used.

A friend of mine was going to list this wrap for sale, and I had never tried a Didy Nino. She was kind enough to send it my way, before it went to its forever home. I am SO glad I had the chance to wrap with it. I expected the Didymos norm, which I find to be pretty darn awesome, but this wrap was a step above that. It became my most grabbed wrap for a little over a week!


Pros: There are quite a few things that I absolutely loved about this Didymos. All the Didys I’ve tried have been well-made, beautiful wraps, and the Nino is no exception. One major thing that many love about them, is that they are a very cost-effective wrap. Not cheap, but economical, without losing quality!


The first thing I noticed when taking the Nino out of it’s packaging was how amazingly soft it is. I haven’t felt a 100% cotton wrap that was that soft. It has been incredibly well-loved and broken in. It is beyond rabbit-fur soft. Nice and smooshy, the kind of wrap you wanna snuggle up with and nap. It would make the perfect wrap for an itty bitty baby that you want wrapped in super softness.


Another cudos for this Nino goes to its smooth passes and rails- there is virtually no grip with this wrap. I would highly recommend this woven wrap to a beginner for this reason (and the above-mentioned “pros”). The Didy Nino is extremely easy to wrap with: it’s soft and the rails and passes glide easily and don’t get all tangled up. It is a thinner wrap as well, which makes tying a nice snug knot simple, all while looking very elegant in this deep petrol blue color.


Cons: There aren’t many things I could fault this wrap with as a “con”, but instead a few words to the wise. First of all, I did say this wrap is thin, and it is one of the thinnest I’ve wrapped with, but I wanted to clarify that this by no means implies that this wrap doesn’t still have cush.


Another thing to keep in mind about this wrap is that it is a nice smooth wrap… with little to no grip, it may not be the most toddler-worthy wrap of choice if you are looking for something rock solid. This is fabulously comfortable with a 22lb BabyT, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this with my own bigger kiddos as well, but again, just putting the information out there for each to decide for themselves.

The Wrap Up…
I was pleasantly surprised by how much the Didymos Nino Petrol grew on me while in my possession. I ended up using it daily, even for quick ups and downs just because I liked it so much! Who else has Ninos and wants to share a pic? I’d love to see action shots of the other Nino colors out there!!! Drop us a pic on the facebook post, link below!

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