Tablecloth Shortie – Olive Arrows


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Tablecloth
Name: Olive Arrows
Size: 2
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $65-85
Style: Wrap
Age Range: 3mos+ (shorties are harder with newborns)
Find-ability: There are many 100% cotton tablecloths on the market, which can be cut and hemmed into short wraps.

After watching lots of mamas post about “Do-It-Yourself” or “DIY” wraps using tablecloths, I was on the look out for a pretty tablecloth to convert into a shortie. This tablecloth cost about $40 and then I paid a professional seamstress another $30 to cut and re-hem the width of this into two shorties.

Pros: The cost of creating a tablecloth shortie is really appealing, and probably the biggest advantage to the tablecloth wraps. It was easy to find this at our local big box store on the sale rack. It is also easy to shop for tablecloths in places where they accept coupons and you can get an even better deal. You can also find online places to purchase tablecloths, such as amazon, which has the popular Tree of Life
tablecloth. Often though, the most popular ones are sold out online.


One of the reasons I chose this particular tablecloth was because of how soft and silky it is. The triangle patterning to the weave, mixed with the plush cotton, makes for a super squishy wrap. Calling this shortie a “tablecloth” seems to be a bit of an insult; it’s truly nicer and fluffier than quite a few of the “real” wraps I’ve wrapped with.


This wrap also has a gorgeous sheen and natural color. It has a beautiful olive green and cream color tone. The patterning in the weave allows a nice bounce and a touch of texture. I was able to tie off a nice simple ruck carry very comfortably, with enough grip to hold the knot really well. The rails on this shortie are easy to pull snug. I love how this tablecloth wrap feels on my shoulders, as it’s nice and plush with lots of cush for the shoulders, similar to the Oscha Stary Night Shona.


Cons: There are a few things to be wary of, or careful of, when picking out a table cloth for a wrap. First, you really need to know what kind of fabric you are looking for. The more experienced you are with wraps the better you will be able to decipher which materials and weaves are more wrap worthy. This can be tricky though.


You also have to be a bit crafty, or pay someone to re-hem the length or width most of the time. I do not trust myself with such important sewing jobs, so I paid a local tailor to stitch this one professionally! Unfortunately this can add to the overall cost, or time, it takes to have a nice tablecloth wrap.

The Wrap Up…
This is one of the nicest “wraps” I’ve wrapped with! Tablecloth or not, this material was destined for greater things than the dinner table! What wraps or carriers have surprised you the most?

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