Dolcino/Vatanai Topatop WCMT


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Dolcino/Vatanai
Name: Silver Waves/Igloolik Whales
Size: OS
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $175
Style: Wrap Conversion Mei Tai (WCMT)
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability:  This WCMT was a completely custom job done by Topatop wrap converters, but she is easy to work with to get more customs! There are other easy to find Topatop wrap conversions, which go up for sale online new and used.

Topatop is a wrap converter that I have been interested in checking out.  As a smaller, and less well-known wrap converter, I wanted to see how their conversions differed from others.

topatop5 topatop6

Pros:  There are a couple things that I find very unique about the Topatop conversion.  The most important and highly functional feature I find as a serious advantage is the cinchable seat.  There is a “V”-shaped portion across the waist belt, with a drawstring on either side that tightens the seat of the carrier where BabyT sits.  This is awesome, and very similar to the Infant Kinderpack concept of having the seat grow with the baby, which will more comfortably fit a newborn AND a toddler.  Very cool feature indeed!


The two wraps used for this conversion are the Dolcino Silver Waves and Vatanai Igloolik Whales.  Both of the wraps are 100% cotton and are so well broken in that this carrier feels like a marshmallow of squishy goodness.  There is a little bit of grip in the waves weave patterning, which holds the rails and passes in a snug carry.  It is soft and pliable, and holds a nice small knot.


The shoulder straps are unpadded wrap straps, so they have been left with about half of the width of the wrap.  This is my favorite style of mei tai straps, because once wrapped, the shoulder passes can be pulled up and across BabyT’s back and it makes the carry extra snug, and spreads the passes out across my rib cage, so there is nothing to dig or be uncomfortable.


Cons:  There are two things that aren’t my favorite about this conversion.  The first is a personal preference about the waistband.  It is a lightly padded, but very narrow waistband, and I felt as though it dug in it at my hips a bit after wearing for a while.  Also, while in a back carry the knot dug into my awesome muffin top, making it even more epic!


The second thing I’m not a huge fan of on the Topatop conversion are the little wooden buttons on strings for fastening the hood straps to the body.  The stings are pretty thin, in comparison with other hood straps I have seen on carriers like Zanytoes and Dream Carrier Threads.  It does make the hood a bit less bulky that those other conversions, but I find that BabyT just wants to chew on the little wooden beads/buttons and I’m worried he will pull it right off of the string.

The Wrap Up…
Topatop is seriously underrated!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the unique features that I haven’t found in any other conversion.  Which converters don’t get enough press time in your opinion? I’d love to try out some more wrap conversions!

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