Tekhni Thalia Alena


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Tekhni
Name: Thalia Alena
Size: 3
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $175-200
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: These are available in limited quantities new, and also used on the various online swaps

I have tried a few different Tekhni wraps so far; Aplos Summit, Olympos Tidepool, and a Ceres. Each has been a bit different, some with a material blend of Repreve recycled material, and some 100% cotton. This is the second 100% cotton Tekhni I have wrapped with, after the Aplos Summit, and the difference between the two is like night and day.

Pros: Thalia Alena is stunningly beautiful. It is a very classy, dressy and elegant wrap. Pictures do not do this wrap justice in the gorgeous department. It is so hard to capture all of the pretty designs and silky shine in a photograph that this wrap packs in person. This is the perfect wedding-accessory, fine dinner party formal wrap. The pale blue/green color is a noble early 20th century color, with subtle, shimery gold accents. Alena is simply beautiful.


After wrapping with a Tekhni Aplos line wrap, which is mean to be the economical toddler-worthy Tekhni, the Alena has a drastically different feel of soft satiny cotton. It feels just as wonderfully smooth as it looks. Not much texture in the Alena, but plenty of squish. It breaks in wonderfully and becomes a nice, buttery soft, 100% cotton wrap.


The Thalia line of wraps are a medium thin wrap, similar to most of the Kokadi 100% cotton wraps I’ve tried, like Ahoi and Love In Your Heart. The buttery smooth passes and rails glide easily and help to make getting a good snug carry very easy. The thinness also makes tying off into a pretty knot simple as can be. Alena has a nice squishy comfort to it, which adds a nice layer of cush to the shoulders in a simple ruck carry. This is most certainly my prefered wrap thickness and comfort combo.


Cons: With some wraps it’s really hard to find anything that is remotely a disadvantage, and that is very true of the Thalia Alena. I cannot really think of anything that would serve at all as a disadvantage, besides that every picture I have taken in NO WAY shows the true beauty of what this wrap looks like in person. So that will have to be the only “con” for this wrap!


The Wrap Up…
Each Tekhni has been so different; for those of you that regularly wrap with Tekhni, which ones are your favorite? Any action shots you want to share in the SnugLilBug Facebook comments?

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