Pavo Gotham Steel WCRS


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Pavo Form
Name: Gotham Steel
Size: OS
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $175-235
Style: Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS)
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: This is a very difficult wrap to find.

I have tried a few different Pavo brand wraps, but never a ring sling, so I was curious to get my hands on one. The Pavo Gotham is a highly popular and well-loved wrap in the Pavo world. Imagine my excitment when a sweet mama offered to let me host her Gotham Steel WCRS!

Pros: I LOVE the texture of this wrap. It is like a super grip wrap. Each detail in the weave and print pattern can be felt under you fingertips. It’s almost as though you could feel this wrap in complete darkness and be able to imagine what the print looks like. The only other wrap I’ve ever felt with a similar grip is the Ovolo Fletching Wagtail. It is most certainly an awesome grippy, toddler-worthy wrap option.


The grip translates into a very supportive wrap with a lot of cush at the shoulder. Very much like the other Pavo wraps I’ve wrapped with, Cheetah and Hearts, this is a thick, dense cotton, which holds a nice firm carry. There is very little stretch, with a good amount support. The thickness of the 100% cotton wraps around BabyT in a firm, but still moldable, hold.


The Gotham print is also fabulous. I love the ornate pattern and attention to every detail that Pavo has put into this weaving pattern. It is extremely unique, and the colors help to bring out the beauty of this intricate patterning. I really enjoy how this wrap looks when wearing BabyT… It is asymmetrical, fun, and very eye-catching all at the same time. Gotham is, hands down, in my top 5 for coolest wrap pattern.


Cons: While I absolutely adore the texture of this wrap, it is a bit dense for my wrapping style. This, of course, is a wrapping preference, which each will have their own oppinion about. The wrap has tons of great texture, but is seriously dense, and a bit difficult to pull through the sling rings adequately. It does offer some cush, but Gotham is not a memory foam kind of squishy, but more like a dense rye-bread feeling instead. It may get easier with a bit more breaking in.


This is another style of ring sling shoulder… man I’m gonna have to do a post all about those… but this style of gathered sling shoulder is not my favorite. Again, this is totally a matter of preference, and each wearer has their own opinion on what is easiest and most comfortable for them. This particular wrap has a gathered style shoulder, where the gathered material is sewn very close to the rings. Many will like this style, as some say it feels more like wrapping. I find it a bit more difficult to get snug and comfortable, as the fabric is left to slip around and off my shoulder more freely, which I find frustrating.

The Wrap Up…
I absolutely love the Gotham pattern, even though I am horribly OCD, the patterning is just so unique that I can’t stop aweing at it! I’d love to see more action shots of Gotham in all it’s glory, especially if you have a wrap… I imagine it looks AMAZING in wrap form with all its rails and passes wrapped up! If you wanna share, head to our Facebook page and comment with some action shots (or email me at

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