Sakura Bloom Pure Linen Ring Sling


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Sakura Bloom
Name: Pure Linen Marine
Size: OS
Material: 100% Linen
Price Range: $80-100
Style: Ring Sling (RS)
Age Range: Newborn-45lbs
Find-ability: Sakura bloom pure linen ring slings are easy to find new and used online as well as at a few brick and mortar stores.

While shopping at a local natural baby store, I saw this Sakura Bloom Pure Linen ring sling and just had to try it out! I’m magnetically drawn to the blue of this “Marine” colorway, and I was curious to wrap with something that had absolutely no cotton content whatsoever.


Pros: The biggest advantage to the Sakura Bloom Pure Linen line, is how thin and breathable they are. This ring sling is one single layer of pure 100% linen. I haven’t felt much that was this thin and airy. It has a similar feel to Osnaburg fabric, which I have felt from some other mama-made wraps and slings. Wearing this ring sling at even the peek of summer would feel as though there isn’t even a layer of fabric around me and BabyT. For this reason, linen is a bit hit in my book!

fit on 5'8" and 130lbs

fit on 5’8″ and 130lbs

Linen has a very distinct texture and weave, which has a nice amount of grip. This is the first wrap I’ve used that was 100% linen, with absolutely no cotton content. I was curious to see how it would feel different from its cotton and cotton-blend counterparts. The linen has a thinner, snugger feeling. It gives much less, and has less stretch and bounce than cotton and blended fabrics. Keep in mind, this is a single layer of 100% linen, unlike wraps which have multiple layers of linen/cotton/bamboo etc. Linen blend wraps have much more cush than this ring sling because they have more than the one layer.


I alluded to the fact that this ring sling is snug with a fair amount of grip. It is one of the most supportive ring slings I’ve ever worn, and feels comparable in snugness to my Girasol Firework WCRS. It is supportive while still being amazingly thin, which is a natural advantage of 100% linen. I can see this being a great fit for toddlers up to a much higher weight than other material ring slings, as this doesn’t sag or stretch out at all.

gathered shoulder

gathered shoulder

The last thing I wanted to mention about the Sakura Bloom is the shoulder. Each company, or wrap converter, has their own style of shoulder and each is a bit different from the next. I am usually a very big fan of Sleeping Baby Productions and Sew Funky’s pleated shoulder style, which is a small, tight pleat that keeps the shoulder material together on top of my shoulder. The Sakura Bloom has a type of gathered shoulder, but the gathered stitches are layered really nicely and stitched a bit further from the rings than other gathered shoulders I have seen. I actually really like the Sakura Bloom style of the gathered shoulder, as I found it to spread out very smoothly, without any extra bulk that I have had with other gathered styles in the past.

Cons: The first thing I noticed about this ring sling was the feel of the material. It most certainly needs a serious amount of breaking in. If you think of how much breaking in linen-blend wraps have, consider 100% linen to be an even more arduous task. It comes pretty crispy, like a well-starched collard shirt, right out of the bag. If you enjoy breaking in wraps, this is could be great fun, but I’m not nearly patient enough for that. So, I would be looking to buy one pre-loved on the Babywearing Swap or Babywearing on a Budget Facebook groups. Linen needs some serious love to break in, but its so supportive once you’ve conquered that hurdle!

The only other minor down side to the Sakura Bloom ring sling, is that there is no sizing. These are a one-size-fits-all ring sling, and this one measured a little over 80” from rings to tail. You can see how it fits in the picture above. I personally like a little bit shorter of a tail, so I wish Sakura Bloom would make their slings in a few different size options. But, as I have said in a few other posts, if the warp or sling is worth it, but it in whatever size it comes in, and you can always have the length altered to fit your lifestyle.

The Wrap Up…
After trying so many different ring sling shoulders, I’ve narrowed down my favorites. Which should styles do you like? Action shots?

Want your own Sakura Bloom Linen Ring Sling? Help support a mama-run company and get free shipping: Sakura Bloom Pure Linen

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