Tula vs. Kinderpack TODDLER EDITION!


Tula vs. Kinderpack – Toddler Edition!

Head to toe, what you want to know about the toddler sizes!

After the popularity of the original Tula vs. Kinderpack Showdown I received quite a few requests to compare the two toddler sized carriers side by side. Thanks to a few great mamas, I was able to get the two in the same place, so here we go!

I will include some of the basic differences covered in the original standard size compairisons, as some things do not change in the toddler size. For a more in depth of the basics check out the original post: Tula vs. Kinderpack.

Lets start with a side by side. They both have super cute prints! Kinderpack is on the left, called “On A Whim,” and Tula is on the right, called “Pepster”.

20140801-113213-41533867.jpg 20140801-112944-41384044.jpg

So, lets begin at the top! Here are the two overlapped in order to see which is taller. This is the view from the top of the waistband to the top of the carrier (which comes up BabyT’s back). The Toddler Kinderpack is on top, and the Toddler Tula on bottom. They are both almost exactly the same height. Do keep in mind that the seat on the Kinderpack is deeper, so it will come up taller than the Tula will, because the Tula loses a few inches to accommodate the tushie.


Then we have the hoods. The navy one is the Tula, and the Kinderpack is white mesh. The Tula hood is about 1-1.5” longer, while the Kinderpack hood is about .25” wider on each side. The Tula hood is completely detachable, by two metal snaps. The Tula hood also cinches tighter with elastic on each side of the hood. The Kinderpack hood is stowable, and gets stuffed in between the layers of the back of the carrier. It snaps closed with two resin Kam snaps.


Let’s move on to the under arm straps that connect the shoulder straps to the middle of the body of each carrier. Here is a crucial difference between the two carriers! Notice in the pictures, the Tula shoulder strap is fixed to the body of the carrier. This means, the Tula shoulder straps cannot be unbuckled in order to cross them, they stay fixed to the body of the carrier. The Kinderpack straps are connected to the middle of the body of the carrier with a 1” plastic buckle, which can be unclipped, allowing the shoulder straps to be crossed, which some find more comfortable for a front carry. This is the same on both the standard and toddler models for both brands.


Again, as with the standard size, the toddler versions of these carriers have slightly different widths of the shoulder straps. The Tula strap material (navy colored) is ever so slightly narrower, while the Kinderpack strap (green) is slightly wider.


As for the straps themselves, they have a few very subtle differences. One thing that is different from the standard sizes of these carriers, where the straps are attached with different spacing measurements at the top of the carrier, the toddler versions are virtually the same, with less than .5” difference. The Kinderpack shoulder straps attach the carrier about 12” apart, while the Tula’s straps are spaced 12.5” apart. The Kinderpack shoulder straps are slightly wider, and less contoured. The Tula straps are a bit thicker padded and are contoured into an almost perfect “C” shape, but are less structured than the Kinderpack straps. The padding length on both is almost exactly the same.


The body of each carrier is also fitted slightly differently. The seat depth of each carrier makes a large difference, which is similar to the difference between the standard versions. The Kinderpack seat depth is about 7.5”, while the Tula seat depth is 4.75”. The Kinderpack has a “butt pocket” so to speak, where BabyT’s tushie sinks into the seat, while the Tula supports the tushie without much depth. They both do the job, but each do it differently.

Standard seat depth difference

Standard seat depth difference

The biggest difference I see between the two body styles, is that the Toddler Tula is significantly wider, by 1″ on each side, or 2″ total, at the base where it connects to the waistband. Again, while the Tula does look as though it is wider to meet knee to knee, it also has a shallower seat, which will result in pulling that fabric out of the knees a bit to give a deep enough seat for the tushie. So, that may make the 2″ difference much less noticeable while wearing. The legs-out padding is also slightly taller on the Tula than the Kinderpack toddler.

20140729-223037-81037471.jpg 20140729-220308-79388950.jpg

The waistband of the two carriers have many similarities, but a few important distinctions need to be noted. Both waistbands are the same thickness and width. They are also very similar lengths, the Tula is about .5” longer padding on each side, with the stitching for the waist straps just in different places. The Kinderpack has a contoured subtle “U” shape to the belt, while the Tula is almost straight across. I didn’t notice the difference between the two in comfort while wearing.

20140729-220310-79390768.jpg 20140729-220309-79389892.jpg

The location of the belt buckle is also different on the two carriers, which I feel does make a difference. The belt buckle on the Tula is on the side (right side if carrying on the front), while the Kinderpack buckle is right in the center of your back. The Kinderpack could be cinched to make one buckle closer to one side, but there wouldn’t be padding underneath the buckle, like there is on the Tula.


Lastly, the the waistbelt on each carrier can adjust to slightly different lengths. When synched completely, the circumference of the Tula waistband is 28” and the Kinderpack is 29”. When completely let out, the circumference of the Tula is 57.5” and the Kinderpack measures 60.5”.

If I could have it all…
They are both super comfortable carriers, but I would love to squash the two carriers together. I would use the body style of the Kinderpack, with a cool mesh panel, the buckle release shoulder straps, and stowable hood, then I would add the Tula side waist belt buckle, storage pocket and narrower shoulder strap padding. Tada! The perfect SSC!

Again, some of the basic differences between the Tula and Kinderpack brands have not been covered in this review. If you’d like more details about the two different brands and their most basic differences, check out this post: Tula vs. Kinderpack Showdown!


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