Wrapsody Bali Stretch Hybrid “Galileo”


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Wrapsody
Name: Bali Stretch Hybrid “Galileo”
Size: OS (measures 220” including tapers)
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $65-95
Style: Stretch-Hybrid Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Wrapsody are popular and easy to find new and used. The “Galileo” print is an exclusive to Zerberts babywearing store.


triangle tapers

triangle tapers

The awesome mama that owns Zerberts online babywearing store was kind enough to give me this Wrapsody Bali Hybrid in her exclusive “Galileo” print! I was so excited to add this to the 100 Wrap Challenge for a few reasons. First, I didn’t have any Wrapsodys in the collection yet. Second, I really wanted to see what the “hybrid” hype was all about. Last, I’m excited to raffle it off, in conjunction with Zerberts, in recognition of Wrapsody’s 10-Year anniversary at the end of August 2014!!!

Pros: The first thing that comes to mind as a giant advantage to the Wrapsody Bali Stretch Hybrid is the cost. Brand new, under $100! Can’t say that about most wraps! They are easy to find, easy to purchase, and affordable for almost any family, on any budget (any they make awesome baby shower gifts too!).


I also love the colors that Wrapsody makes. Each pattern is unique, pretty, fun, some bright, some elegant. You name it, they have one that fits that occasion and personality. I, as many of my readers know, am a total sucker for the teals, blues and greens, so Galileo is my absolute favorite of all the Wrapsody prints! I was beyond excited to be able to wrap with it. It’s a 100% Jersey Cotton hand-dyed piece of art, and I love how beautiful it is!


Galileo is the most breathable wrap, while still comfortable, that I’ve wrapped with to date. Many of the “breathable wraps” I’ve tried, such as the Bara Barn, were very breathable, but lose out in the squish and comfort department in order to be breathable. This Wrapsody is truly super super comfortable, and even on an 85degree walk in downtown it felt airy and cool. I cannot even express how impressed I am with how breezy this wrap is. It was certainly unexpected: a little over 6 yards of stretchy cotton… I though it was going to be stifling. So, huge props in my book for the combination of thin, airflow AND without losing comfort and cush!


I will admit, I have my reservations when someone tells me it’s a “stretchy wrap.” I have used a Boba Sleepy Wrap and while it was nice with a winter baby under 12lbs, it would not be something I’d recommend under any other circumstances. The Baby K’tan won me over slightly, with its stretch and support, but isn’t super breathable. The Wrapsody kicks the stretchy wrap stigma to the curb. The “hybrid” refers to the wrap having stretch and give vertically, but not horizontally. GENIUS!


When used in a front or back carry, it is squishy, easily moldable, and the rails and passes slide smoothly. Because it is so thin, it’s easy to get a nice snug knot, and the material holds a tight carry without being grippy. There’s no sagging or sinking, and the material holds true to the purpose of the hybrid stretchy but secure.


Cons: It is really hard to come up with something I find as a disadvantage to the Wrapsody Galileo wrap. The only thing I will mention, is that they are one size, and measure between a size 7 and 8 wrap after washing and drying. This is a looooong wrap for me, as my standard wrap seems to be about a sz 4. I do wish Wrapsody would offer different sizes like other wrap brands do. They are worth it and inexpensive enough though, that I would buy one and have a seamstress chop it if I wanted it any shorter.


The Wrap Up…
Can’t wait for the raffle and want your own Wrapsody Galileo? Check out Zerbert’s website and help support a fellow mama-run company!

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