Maya Wrap Ring Sling


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Maya Wrap
Name: Ring Sling Black
Size: Medium
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $40-70
Style: Ring Sling (RS)
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Maya wrap ring slings are very easy to find new and used online and in some brick and mortar stores.

This Maya Wrap ring sling is of special importance in my wrap journey. Now owned by a friend, it was once EBoy’s ring sling. This was the very first ring sling I ever used over five years ago. Since my friend still had this ring sling, and I had yet to add a Maya to the 100 Wrap Challenge, I was eager to carry BabyT with this ring sling.


Pros: This is one of the most cost effective ring slings on the market, and they are very easy to come by new and used. That is one huge benefit I find with the Maya Wrap. It is hard to find something so affordable, while also of such high quality. The Maya Wraps are 100% hand-loomed cotton. There are a wide array of gorgeous colors and patterns to pick from as well.

fit of a medium maya on me at 5'8" and 130lbs

fit of a medium maya on me at 5’8″ and 130lbs

Another thing I love about Maya Wraps is how soft and moldable they are. There is virtually no time needed for breaking in, which most wraps and woven ring slings will require. I love not having to spend the time breaking in a new wrap. They are very similar to the plain twill weave Girasol*** wraps I’ve felt. They are instantly soft, smooth, and easily adjustable to get a nice snug carry. This is extra advantageous with a ring sling, as pulling the woven fabric through the rings to adjust it can be very difficult with a wrap that is stiff or scratchy.


Maya Wraps are also a pretty thin woven cotton. I wouldn’t say it is as thin as the Bara Barn wrap I’ve tried, but it is safe to say that the Mayas are pretty darn close to the single/plain weave girasol, like the Firework or Tenango.*** This makes them really breathable, and nice for summer wearing.

zipper pocket on the tail of the maya rs

zipper pocket on the tail of the maya rs

I wish all ring slings had pockets! The newer style of Maya Wrap ring slings have zippered pockets! They are the perfect size for a diaper or two, keys, cell phone and a wallet. I love this feature, though it can get weighed down if you put too much in there. It is something unique to the Mayas, though many wrap converters will add a pocket to a ring sling if requested.

maya lightly padded shoulder

maya lightly padded shoulder

The Maya Wrap ring slings have their own style of shoulder. I like them, some do not. It’s part of that whole personal preference and opinion when wrapping. They are similarly pleated like Sleeping Baby Productions, but have a slight padding added to them. Some find that this padding makes the shoulder “slip” a bit, but I haven’t had any trouble with them, and find that the padding makes wearing the Maya sling more comfortable for a longer period of time compared with other slings.


Cons: There really aren’t any disadvantages to the Maya Wrap ring slings. The only thing that could be noted, is that they are a thinner material, so it may be less suited to a giant toddler. I have used Mayas with toddlers, and because of the nicely cushed shoulder I felt it was still very comfortable, but maybe not as supportive in the seat for a bigger kid.

The Wrap Up…
What was your starter carrier, or your gateway-wrapping-drug? This ring sling was our first, and I was hooked!

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