Tula Standard Oliver


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Tula
Name: Oliver
Size: Standard
Material: Canvas, Cotton
Price Range: $125-175
Style: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
Age Range: 3mos+
Find-ability: Canvas Tula’s can be found many places new and used

After try the ErgoBaby, Action Baby Carrier and Kinderpack I really wanted to get my hands on a Tula! They seem to be all the rage lately and I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to add a Tula to the 100 Wrap Challenge, and see what all the talk was about. I also had the opportunity to do an in depth side-by-side comparison of Tula vs Kinderpack, which was a really fun post to write.


Pros: As I have said about the other soft structured carriers (SSC) I’ve tried, the Tula is a quick and easy on/off. That is one of my favorite parts about any buckle carrier. There is no fuss about it. A few clicks and you’re off hiking, shopping, or hanging around at the park. It’s a great carrier to keep in the car.


The Tula is comfortable. I have tried quite a few SSCs and not all have been so comfortable as the Tula is. It has very cushy shoulder pads, which are not super wide, but thick and plush and make BabyT and all his 20 pounds seem pretty weightless. The waist belt is sturdy and supportive, which takes the weight off of my lower back and distributes it well for longer comfort while wearing. The chest clip also helps to easily distribute weight to all the right places and leave the neck and back from feeling stressed after wearing for a while.


Not only is the Tula comfy for the mama, but for the baby too. There is a nice legs-out padding at the seat of the carrier, which protects BabyT’s cubby little thighs from getting compression marks. The canvas and cotton materials the Tula is made out of is also pretty floppy and molds well around him, supporting him well across the back and on the sides too.


Another thing I really love about Tulas in general, are all of the to-die-for cute prints. This print, Oliver, is so adorable, and there are many many others that are just as cute. I love how they use fun colors, patterns, and prints, which help to express the mamas and babies who wear them!


cinches snug enough even for a skinny bigsisterj to wear babyt!

cinches snug enough even for a skinny bigsisterj to wear babyt!

Cons: The one thing that I miss with the Tula is the lack of adjustability I was expecting to have with this popular of a carrier. I miss the buckles on the arm straps of other carriers, like the Kinderpack, which allow for crossing the shoulder straps. I like to cross the shoulder straps, as I have a taller, narrower frame, where the backpack style of straps sometimes is too bulky and wide.

unable to cross the shoulder straps in the back

unable to cross the shoulder straps in the back

Another thing to consider with almost all SSCs is they are sized. This is a standard Tula, so I personally find it best starting around 3 months old up until the toddler size. Then there is a separate purchase to be made for the size up, the toddler Tula, which I will be making a blog post about soon! But keep in mind, the cost associated with purchasing two separate carriers.

This last “con” in my book, is personal preference… but I CANNOT wrap my head around the whole detachable hood idea. BabyT would have that pulled off in the backseat, and it would disappear before I knew it even existed. I guess my fear of it getting lost in the abyss that is my van (plus those three kids) gets the best of me. I really prefer a stow-away hood, which is STUCK to the carrier for good. Again, that may just be me.

The Wrap Up…
I love all the canvas Tula prints… which is your favorite?

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