Didymos Indio Jade


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Didymos
Name: Indio Jade
Size: 3
Material: 55% Cotton, 25% Hemp, 20% Linen
Price Range: $180-215
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: This is sold out at most retailers, but can be found on some of the babywearing swap groups.


This is a really unique wrap to add to the 100 Wrap Challenge. I was really excited to be able to host an Indio Jade for a few reasons. First of all, it’s a well sought after wrap, which was recently released by Didymos. Second, it is an absolutely beautiful color! Most importantly, I wanted to try it because of the interesting material blend of THREE fabrics. Up until now, I have only tried single and dual material blends, never a wrap with three. The Didymos Indio Jade has cotton, hemp AND linen!


Pros: This Indio is the most beautiful color. It has a shimmer woven into it’s stunning patterning. I just love how Didymos Indios look. They are most certainly a gem of the woven wrap world, and very popular for that reason. The Jade Indio has a very natural and detailed weaving pattern. The weaving pattern mixed with one of my all-time favorite colors, a teal+ultramarine kind of color, Jade is just drool-worthy.


The unique blend of cotton, hemp and linen make for a soft, squishy and supportive wrap. The blend of each material woven into one wrap creates a wrap with all the greatest qualities of wovens. Cotton starts the wrap off with a soft-to-the-touch feeling, while the hemp will provide extra plushness, and the linen will make for a textured and supportive hold. All the best attributes rolled into one!

BabyT approves of Jade's squishiness

BabyT approves of Jade’s squishiness

Jade has fantastic texture! It isn’t the kind of overpowering texture where the wrap feels bulky or scratchy, but it has subtle but strong texture, which leaves a nice tight single knot. Once you have the passes and rails tightened, that carry isn’t goin’ anywhere! It has a very tactile feeling under your fingertips.

bigsisterj loved having another shortie around to wrap with!

bigsisterj loved having another shortie around to wrap with!

This Jade is on its way to being broken in, and therefore not a lot of shoulder cush yet. I do imagine the hemp content will give this wrap amazing cush once it’s a bit more loved. The advantages of hemp seem to be really super squishy cushy wrapness, once you get past breaking in.


Cons: Needs some breaking in for sure. With three very different materials all at play in one wrap, the downfall becomes the break-in time with each of those materials. I have found cotton to be pretty easy to break in: wash, dry, steam iron, repeat. Linen and hemp are a bit more stubborn and require more dedication, or a good beating into submission. This can be time consuming, and a bit disappointing if you are expecting a masterpiece of soft, plush marvelous wrapping goodness right out of the box. Buy it well broken in if you’re expecting that! However, if you’re up to the challenge, there are the makings of an amazing wrap in the Didy jade!


The Wrap Up…
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Didymos Jade. The mixture of three materials was really cool to be able to play with in person. I’m trying to find other wraps that are made with three or more fibers… which one’s do you know of?

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