Ovolo Fletching Wagtail


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Ovolo
Name: Fletching Wagtail
Size: 5
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $275-300
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Available new and used, but in smaller quantities

In my quest to find wrap diversity, I knew I needed to jump on hosting this beautiful Ovolo wrap. I have never wrapped with an Ovolo and had never seen one in person. Right out of the package, I knew it was a totally different brand from anything else I had tried before.


Pros: Texture and grip would be an understatement in the description of this Wagtail wrap. The patterning on this wrap is amazingly grippy. The weave pattern comes with some serious texture. That does not take away at all from the softness of the wrap. Once wrapped, this Ovolo offers an extremely secure knot. I didn’t feel as though I even needed a second knot to hold the carry nice and snug. The texture it very unique, and is cottony soft.


I keep repeating “texture,” but I cannot seem to emphasize enough how unique this texture and squishiness are together. I am really enjoying wrapping with this Ovolo because of how different this wrap feels. It is hard to explain how much squish this wrap has. It makes a nice smooth, soft, yet moldable squishy wrap. It has that memory foam dense, but marshmallow on top kind of feel to it. I really love how each pass molds around BabyT and holds the carry secure.


The thickness of this wrap is a double-edged sword (more about the downside to the thickness later). The texture mixed with the density of the Wagtail adds some extra cush on the shoulders. After wearing BabyT in a back carry for a good hour or so, his 20lbs+ seems almost weightless because of how thick and supportive this wrap sits on my shoulders.


Cons: This is a VERY dense wrap. Some mamas really like thick wraps, but I’m usually a medium to thin wrapper. The thickness does make the wrap a bit less breathable, so I wouldn’t recommend summer wearing.

The texture isn’t really a disadvantage, it’s just something that needs to be understood and embraced! All that amazing grip can also make it a bit harder to get a snug carry without a bit of work. So maybe just the mention of some practice and patience should be disclosed with this wrap. The passes do not slide as easily as other, less-grippy, wraps I’ve used. But once you’ve got the carry tied off properly, it makes for a comfy wrap job.

The Wrap Up…
This Wagtail has really made me curious about Ovolo warps… now I need to find some more! Who has a favorite Ovolo wrap?

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