Natibaby Valentina Grape


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Natibaby
Name: Valentina Grape
Size: 5
Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Linen
Price Range: $200
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: This was a PaxBaby exclusive, which makes it difficult to find.


I had only wrapped with one other linen blend wrap, the Natibaby Ooga Booga. It was brand new, and stood up all by itself… I mean STIFF. When a gracious mama offered to let me host her broken-in linen blend, I was beyond excited! The Valentina wrap arrived, and that mama was NOT kidding! It is amazingly broken in, and has really changed my view on linen blends!


Pros: Valentina is a beautiful wrap. The color and pattern make this wrap one of the few printed wraps that I find to be really fun and pretty. Calling this wrap Valentina “Grape” is hitting the nail on the head. There is nothing else I could possibly describe this color as but grape. The most fitting description of any color I’ve seen yet. It has a shimmer to the hearts patterning as well, which adds to the beauty of this wrap.


I’m a linen blend convert! Being able to try this well loved and broken in linen blend has given me a whole new outlook on linen. At first grab, this wrap feels like a nice medium thick cotton, similar to the Pavo wraps I’ve used. I honestly would have had no clue there was any linen in this wrap at all, based purely on how soft and squishy this Valentina is. A broken in linen blend is so SO much different from new.


The linen and cotton together make for a very smooth, soft, slightly dense wrap. There is considerable cush on the shoulders. The density of the cotton and linen is a medium-thinness, but I wouldn’t recommend this wrap for a 90degree full-sun day. The best thing about the linen content in this warp is how supportive it is. The soft cotton allows for the passes to fly smoothly while wrapping, and the rails tighten and hold their form with a little bit of linen grip. Valentina is amazingly supportive and forgiving at the same time. There is a bit of give in the seat, and BabyT sinks in nicely with some sleepy dust.


Cons: Only buy well-loved linen blends… otherwise, be prepared for the breaking-in war! That will be my caveat for any linen blend wraps! The difference between new and broken in is like night and day.

The only other small downfall to this wrap is that it isn’t very thin. There is more cotton content than linen, so it isn’t as breathable as a mostly linen wrap would be. This doesn’t really change my affection for this wrap at all however.

The Wrap Up…
Is this a linen blend??? SERIOUSLY??? I need to know how much energy you’ve spent, and what you’ve done to break in your linen?

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