Tekhni Olympos Tidepool


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Tekhni
Name: Olympos Tidepool
Size: 5
Material: 55% Cotton, 45% Repreve
Price Range: $160-200
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Only used online, as these are limited release wraps


I have had experience with one other Tekhni wrap, the Aplos Summit. The Aplos line of Tekhni wraps were made to be a dense workhorse wrap and have much different qualities than the Olympos wraps, which are said to be a bit softer and squishier. I was eager to see the difference between them, and look forward to trying different lines of the Tekhni wraps in the future for comparison’s sake.


Pros: The first thing I noticed after taking Tidepool out of the package was how smooth it felt. It is an absolutely stunning color. It shimmers in the sun. The weave is very smooth, soft and pliable. I was imaging more texture from the pictures I had seen, but it is very smooth, almost slippery, with very little texture from the weave pattern.


This wrap contains 45% repreve, which is a synthetic, recycled fabric. The repreve used to make the Tekhni wraps is made up of recycled water bottles, and a 100% American made product. The really cool thing about repreve is how it adds a bit of cush to the basic cotton wrap. The first Tekhni I got my hands on stood up on it’s own, it needs some serious breaking in, but the Tidepool is a new wrap, and remarkably soft and fluffy. The repreve add a combination of the slick bamboo feel, with the memory foam wooly feel. It’s a totally different wrapping experience.


The Tidepool is a medium thick wrap, but not very dense. It has a lot of moldability, and the passes slide easily in order to get a nice snug carry. In hand, the wrap is a thick handful of forgiving, slightly grippy, pliable cloth. It is very easy to wrap with, and feels extremely secure.


Cons: This is part of the Tekhni wraps which is harder to get ahold of. The Olympos wraps are not stocked regularly, and are part of a limited edition sale. In order to own one of these after their original stocking, it needs to be found for sale on one of the babywearing swap groups. Though not impossible, this always causes frustration if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, and may take some patience.

The Wrap Up…
I really like the idea of repreve, and have to commend Tekhni and its creator Alisa, for using an American made, recycled fiber in her wrap design! I never knew water bottles could be so fluffy! Now I want to know if all of the Tekhni wraps with repreve feel the same or if they differ? What do you think?

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