Baby K’tan


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Baby K’tan
Name: Original Carrier
Size: Small
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $40-70
Style: Wrap Hybrid
Age Range: Newborn-25lbs
Find-ability: K’tan carriers are very easy to find new and used

Baby K’tan carriers are a relatively new kind of carrier, which have become very popular with the mainstream public. They are available in quite a few brick and mortar stores. I was curious to try out a K’tan, as I had heard a lot of positive things about them, and wanted to see this hybrid style of wrap. I was doubtful of its support and comfort, because it has been called a “stretchy” wrap, but here’s how it all went down.


Pros: As I mentioned, I was a bit wary of trying a “stretchy” wrap (like the Moby or Boba Wrap). I had serious doubts about its ability to be supportive and comfortable with BabyT’s 20lb+ cannonball weight. I have to admit, I was not only surprised, but kinda’ amazed! It is soft, without any need to “break it in”, and very comfortable. The cotton has a nice stretchy to it, but not too much. It is much more supportive than other stretchy wraps.


The K’tan is also extremely quick and easy to use. The carrier is a sort of hybrid wrap, which is made up of two hoops of cotton cloth, attached with by a little circle of cloth. You put both large hoops around your neck, one arm goes through each hoop, then you put baby in, crossing the hoops on their back and you’re finished. You can spread the hoop fabric across your shoulders, and pull the little cross piece down your back, and the K’tan is very comfy and supportive.


The convenience and ease of this carrier makes it a really good travel carrier, in my opinion. There is no fabric to drag on the ground, no knots to tie, and no rings to adjust. It also comes with a sash, which doubles as a storage pocket when wearing, and then folds in on itself, creating a drawstring bag to hold the whole carrier. It is all squishy cotton and fits nicely in the glove box of my car, and the diaper bag.


Finally, the cost of this carrier makes it a great place to start in the babywearing world. For between $40 and $60 you can find one new or used online and in many stores. That is another advantage, finding a good babywearing carrier in a brick and mortar store can be rather difficult and limited. The K’tan is a great option for these reasons.

Cons: There are two things that I think are potential disadvantages to the K’tan. First, it is a sized carrier. The sizes do seem to fit a whide range of body shapes, but they are still sized, and each person will fit differently in the carrier. This leaves the potential for frustration at the lack of being able to adjust the carrier, as well as not being able to get the fit you are looking for. It may also mean that you would need to purchase more than one if you and your partner both babywear and need different sizes.

The other disadvantage to the K’tan, is that there is the potential for the stretchy cotton material to sag. It is a much more supportive stretchy material than other stretchy wraps, which in my opinion are only really comfortable until 15lbs. The K’tan is still very supportive without sag with BabyT at around 20lbs. I would say the K’tan would still be comfortable up until the 25lb mark. Eventually though, the nature of the material will be to sag and lose its supportiveness once BabyT gets much heavier.

The Wrap Up…
I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and support of the Baby K’tan! I would recommend it to anyone with a squish, up until about 25lbs.

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