Natibaby Jaffy


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Natibaby
Name: Jaffy
Size: 5
Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Hemp
Price Range: $220
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Jaffy is available online for sale new and used

So, I have tried two other hemp/cotton blend wraps, Oscha Shona and Natibaby Odyssey, each with a completely different experience. One was well broken in, super soft and moldable, the other was less loved, scratchy and rough. How about a third one to break the tie?


Pros: Oh man is it squishy. My opinion of well broken in hemp is, well, I NEED IT. This wrap has solidified my opinion of hemp blends being super supportive but soft and moldable at the same time. Once well loved and broken in, I’m not sure I have liked any other blend or material as much as the hemp and cotton combo. It just so squishy!


Jaffy wraps like a dream. It is smooth to the touch, with a little bit of grip, and the rails slide easily to get a nice snug carry. The tails are easy to tie off, and the wrap holds its form perfectly. The squish of the hemp has that memory foam feel, and offers a lot of extra cush for the shoulders, which cotton alone does not.


One other thing I find extremely interesting about the broken in hemp blends, Jaffy included, is how they feel blankety soft and plush, but are still pretty thin and breathable when wrapped with. When you first feel it, Jaffy feels as though it would be thick and hot to wrap with. But the combination of squish and airy is really unique and awesome for even warmer weather.


Cons: I honestly cannot find a flaw with this wrap. My personal opinion is that it isn’t the prettiest color or print, but I am not an animal prints person, and am naturally drawn to blues and greens. That, of course, is nothing inherently wrong with the wrap!


The other concern I have, is the broken in hemp is so drastically different from new hemp. There has to be a long, drawn out process to getting them soft, so be prepared if you purchase one new!

The Wrap Up…
I NEED to own a hemp blend wrap… lets start a list of all the hemp/cotton blend wraps you can think of!

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