Didymos Cleo


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Didymos
Name: Cleo
Size: 7
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $150-200
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: The Cleo is pretty easy to find for sale new and used


The Didymos Cleo was a wrap that popped up on the Wrap Wanderlust group on Facebook. I had never used a cross twill Didymos before, so I was really excited to host this wrap! I had wrapped with quite a few plain twill weaves, so I looked forward to comparing the two.


Pros: In general, I like Didymos wraps. They used to be super popular, but now I feel as though I see them a bit less, downed out by other brands like Kokadi and Little Frog. With EBoy, who is now 5 years old, Didys seemed to be super popular and everywhere, now they seem kinda like a coveted antique of the babywearing world. I love the quality, and it’s a world-wide trusted, well-loved German brand who has been making baby wraps since 1972.


The Cleo is such a pretty wrap. There are thin little stripes of black, blue, purple, green, orange, pink and white. I love how bright the colors are, and how they look when wrapped. The thin lines of multiple colors, make the colors all seem that more poignant. This is one of those wraps that has every color, including gasp pink gasp, and still doesn’t look “girlie” to me. I love how this wrap looks on my BabyT!


I love the support of the cross twill. It makes the Cleo a bit thicker than most of the other 100% cotton plain twill weave Didymos wraps I’ve wrapped with, but is also that much more supportive. It wraps snuggly around BabyT, and holds a nice tight knot. This wrap was also well broken in before it came to me, so the cross twill is not only thick and supportive, but also plush and squishy. It leaves a lot of cush on the shoulders in a back wrap, and keeps the carry nice and high and comfortable for a really long time.


Cons: There aren’t really any notable disadvantages to the Cleo. I would mention the thickness though. This is not a good outdoor summer wrap for 90 degree days. It is a bit too plush to make it breathable.


I’d also like to mention that a size 7 is LOOOONG. I wrap very comfortably with size 6 wrap, and I thought to myself, “how much longer could a size 7 really be?” Yea, it’s a LOT longer! There is plenty left to do really cool tie-offs with, but is not my base size at all.

The Wrap Up…
I love Didymos, and this wrap reaffirms that for me. Which brands do you think are starting to get lost in the shuffle of all these new up and coming brands?

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