Boba Air

boba air

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Boba
Name: Air
Size: Standard
Material: 100% Nylon
Price Range: $40-70
Style: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
Age Range: 6weeks+
Find-ability: The Boba Air is easily found for sale new and used. Available on Amazon: Boba Air

A friend of mine was holding onto this carrier and was talking about how she wasn’t sure about keeping it, and offered to send it to me, along with two other carriers. After reading up about the Boba Air
I thought the concept behind it was pretty interesting: lightweight, compact, breathable, easy. So, I put it to the BabyT test!

Pros: This is the lightest weight SSC I’ve ever used. I took it out of the package was seriously amazed that there was a full SSC in there! It is a single layer carrier, made out of 100% nylon. Even though it is super thin and lightweight, it is still a full buckle SSC, with a waist buck, adjustable shoulder straps and a chest clip. The nylon is also thin enough to make this the most breathable SSC I’ve ever worn as well. That makes the Air the perfect summer carrier.


Another really cool feature of the Air, is that it folds in on itself into a convenient zipper pouch for storage. When packed away for travel, the Boba Air shrinks down to about 10”x3”, and it could be stuffed even more to give it a smaller profile. The pocket that it folds into doubles as a zipper pouch, which is easily accessable when doing a front carry with BabyT, similar to the Ergo. Again, SUPER impressed with the lightweight and compactness of this carrier.

10" x 3" when packed in the zipper pouch

10″ x 3″ when packed in the zipper pouch

The Boba Air is a simple, no frills, no confusion carrier. The Air doesn’t require any practice, or googling, or YouTube video watching. It is very straightforward. Waist buckle, check, shoulder straps, check, chest clip for extra support, check. As simple as that.


Cons: This is not a carrier built to support chubby babies. BabyT is a rather robust 20lbs at 6 months old with some serious thighs. The leg casing on the Air digs into his thighs, leaving a nice red mark, even after only 5 minutes being worn.

tight at the thigh

tight at the thigh

left a mark after 5 mins

left a mark after 5 mins

One thing I did notice was getting uncomfortable after a few minutes of wearing BabyT were the cross strap rails. Along the inside of the shoulder strap, there is a hard plastic rail that the chest clip slides up and down on. When the chest strap is cinched snugly against my back, with BabyT in a front carry, the plastic rails dig into my shoulder blades. The shoulder strap has no structure, and therefore gets pulled away from my shoulder and flips up a bit.

digs on the inside, and pulls up on the outside

digs on the inside, and pulls up on the outside

Last, there is no padding anywhere on the Boba Air. This is part of what makes it so compact, but the lack of padding leads to discomfort after a short window of time with a 20lb BabyT. So I wouldn’t advise this to be the only carrier anyone would own, but great for on the go.

The Wrap Up…
This is a great option for summer wear, quick trips, and could even be used for pool and beach trips (though not intended by the manufacturer). What kind of carrier do you use at the pool?

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