Action Baby Carrier Robins Egg Standard


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Action Baby Carrier
Name: Robin’s Egg
Size: Standard
Material: Cotton
Price Range: $80-120
Style: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
Age Range: 10lbs-30lbs
Find-ability: Action Baby Carriers are easy to find new and used online and in some brick and mortar stores

A friend of mine was talking about how much she loved her Action Baby Carrier (ABC) and it was one I hadn’t tried yet. She was nice enough to send me hers to try out! One more SSC to compare to the Ergo, Kinderpack and Boba!

Pros: This carrier is a great fit for someone with a smaller frame. Many SSCs shoulder straps are set too far apart, their belts are too long and their padding is too wide on a smaller framed person. The Action Baby fixes all of those problems! It is the perfect carrier to synch tight enough to keep snug on even the smallest baby wearers! It’s shoulder straps are spaced apart very narrowly, and the waist belt isn’t oversized.


Another big advantage is the ability to cross the shoulder straps. The Kinderpack also does this. This means the shoulder straps aren’t fixed to the carrier, but have a buckle that allow you to unclip them, and use them crisscrossed or like a backpack around the shoulders. This can make a front carry a lot more comfortable.


This Action Baby is also a thin SSC, with what feels like only two layers of fabric. The thinner layering makes it really breathable and airy, even in the 80degree Chicago summer. It feels more moldable than the typical buckle carrier and feels a bit more like a heavy wrap. I like how it wraps and contours a bit more around the baby, instead of tucking the baby into a set form like other buckle carriers.

Cons: There are a couple of things that I’m not in love with on the Action Baby Carrier. First, would be the chest strap. This carrier isn’t really built with the amount of padding and support in the shoulder straps to allow for a chest strap to work effectively. As you can see in this picture, it bunches up the entire shoulder strap when pulled tight, which is uncomfortable, but it loosened, isn’t really doing much good.

the chest clip squishes the shoulder strap

the chest clip squishes the shoulder strap

Another thing that I wish were slightly different on this carrier would be the seat where BabyT’s tushie goes. There are no seat darts, which would add a bit more depth to the seat, and allow for a better fit for a bigger, pudgier baby like BabyT. Because there are no seat darts, it causes the waistband to pull away from my back while wearing BabyT on my back.

without seat darts, the waistband pulls away from my back to accommodate Babyt's big tushie

without seat darts, the waistband pulls away from my back to accommodate Babyt’s big tushie

The Wrap Up…
I love being able to try out a bunch of different styles of carriers! Which soft structured carriers (SSC) are your favorite?

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