Pavo Blush Hearts


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Pavo
Name: Blush Hearts
Size: 4
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $200-250
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Pavo Hearts can be found new and used online

This is the second Pavo wrap I’ve been able to host, after hosting Pavo Cheetah Wild. I was really curious to see if all of their cotton wraps would have the same feel, and if the different patterning to the weave would make the wrapability change at all. Not too many surprises with this Pavo: squishy, thick, and lovely to wrap with!


Pros: As with the previous Pavo I have tried, Blush Hearts is a high quality, squishy, thick cotton. Pavo textiles are well known for their quality materials, and I would say they have some of the plushest cotton I’ve felt in any of the wrap brands I’ve tried. It is a tad thinner than the Pavo Cheetah, but still has a nice memory foam feel when squeezed.


These Hearts are super moldable. I used to have concerns about wrapping with a thicker wrap, but this wrap is well broken in, and is easily wrapped with. The rails slide just as nice as thinner wraps, and ties off really well. I did want two knots in order to feel like this wrap was snug enough. It feels a bit more supportive than most of the thinner cotton wraps. I really like how much cush it leaves on my shoulders.


The hearts weaving pattern gives this wrap a little texture, but not too much. It has a similar texture to many of the Kokadi patterned wraps I’ve wrapped with. It is in between a smooth twill weave, like a Girasol, and a thick super grippy weave, like a Didymos Indio. You can feel the change of weave in the pattern under your fingertips, but when wrapped, it all melds together.


Cons: There are not many cons to this wrap at all… and none when referring to the actual functionality of the wrap. The only thing I would mention as a possible disadvantage is the high price tag that comes with all Pavo wraps. I waver back and forth, being that the quality of Pavos is excellent, but I do think you can find excellent wraps for under the $200 range.


The Wrap Up…
Pavo Hearts brought us our first wrap-to-bed transfer! It’s a beautiful thing! Which wrap has the most sleepy dust for all of you?

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