Oscha Okinami Blue Ice


The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Oscha
Name: Okinami Blue Ice
Size: 4
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $200-240
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: The Oscha Oki wraps are available online used


I have always thought the Oki wraps looked so beautiful. I took an art history class in college and always admired the brilliance of the Japanese block print pieces. This wrap embodies that art form, and is breathtakingly gorgeous in person. In fact, I have had many make comments to be while babywearing, but the Oki went with me to the park, and I had a mama ask if I was selling it!


Pros: As I have already mentioned, the attraction of this wrap has me tied around it’s pinky finger. I love the color, I love the print, I love the detail, I LOVE it. It is it’s own piece of artwork. I wish pictures and action shots would do this wrap and its color justice. The way the rails and passes mesh around BabyT in a back carry is stunning. I’ve tried my hardest- this wrap has a serious presence. It is one of my favorites for it’s beauty.


Oki is amazingly well broken in. I can tell how much this wrap has been loved. It is soft, and squishy with a little bit of bounce in the wrap. This is a thinner Oscha, of the others I have tried, but not super thin. It is smooth to the touch, even though there is a very detailed weave pattern. It has enough grip to hold a snug carry, but isn’t as grippy as I thought it would be given its patterning.


Cons: Compared with some other Oschas, as well as other brands, this wrap seems to be a bit narrower. It could be shrinkage from wash and hot dry cycles. This might make it a bit more challenging for a beginner wrapper to get a nice deep seat, and may also make wearing a toddler more challenging.

Okinami isn’t as plush as others I have used. That in no way means it’s less comfortable, but there is less cush in the shoulders and a smaller knot than I have had with other Oschas. If you like a thicker wrap for more should cush, this may not be the one for you.

The Wrap Up…
Exquisite… absolutely stunning. What wrap do you think is just amazingly beautiful?

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