Oscha Sonora Pothos

Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Oscha
Name: Sonora Pothos
Size: 3
Material: 100% Cotton (50% Combed Cotton)
Price Range: $150
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: It is easy to find new on the Oscha website, and may be found used as well.

I was very excited to get this in the mail from a mama who was willing to let me try it out for a week! I was extra excited because it is the first shortie I’ve ever used! I love the colors- I’m a total sucker for blues. It is also pretty well broken in, so it’s nice and squishy soft. It’s not super grippy, as the weave is pretty smooth, but it still holds the tie off really well and feels snug with BabyT on my back.

osch son pot2 osch son pot3

Pros: This is a medium thick wrap, and that makes it nice and squishy when wrapping my 20lb BabyT on my back. I used a simple ruck carry tied in the front. The Sonora has a lot of cush on the shoulders. The size three, about 3.2 meters long, left enough fabric to tie in front which I like to do. I feel like a T-Rex trying to tie a knot under his bum behind my back.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with every Oscha brand wrap I’ve tried. They are relatively affordable, compared to others of their caliber. I feel pretty confident in their quality, and would totally recommend them to others, now that I’ve had a couple. Their wraps seem to all be very soft, no matter what blend, and seem to be a bit thicker than others I really like, like Girasol. If I were comparing thickness, I’d say Girasols are like printer paper, and Oschas are like cardstock. I’ve come to appreciate both thicknesses as BabyT grows heavier and heavier!

osch son pot4

I’m also really enjoying the shortie. I’m afraid I’ll be on the look out to purchase a shortie of my own soon. The simplicity of getting BabyT up quickly on my back, without dragging the tails of the wrap on the ground is awesome. I can imagine this will be extra helpful in the fall/winter when there is dirt, snow, and wet sludge all over the ground.

Even BigSisterJ loves this shortie!

Even BigSisterJ loves this shortie!

Cons: As much as I love the size 3 right now, a shortie isn’t usually the preferred sizing to use for wrapping really small babies or newborns. That could be the only real downfall to this wrap, and for no fault of it’s own. It would be much less supportive because you can only do a single pass or two across the baby’s back, where you can do two or three, or more, with a size 4, 5 or 6.

The Wrap-Up…
After trying a size 3, I’m really curious to know what the difference would be in wrapping with a size 2. Anyone have a size 2 recommendation? Want your shortie to be featured on the blog? Email me! SnugLilBug@gmail.com

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