Omega Organics Handwoven Bora Bora

Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Omega Organics Handwoven
Name: Bora Bora Ruby Glint Weft
Size: 4.83 Meters (a long sz6)
Material: 100% 5/2 mercerized cotton
Price Range: $600+
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: This wrap has a couple “sister wraps”, but it is hard to find and expensive due to it being a handwoven wrap.

fbOO HW fb oo hw 2 fb oo hw3

As I was talking to the mama who owns this gorgeous wrap, organizing a travel for a completely different wrap, she sent me a picture of her wrap stash. I instantly focused on this wrap because of the amazingly vivid colors! Again, I’m ever the sucker for pretty blues, greens and purples!
The owner shipped out the “other” wrap, and this beauty showed up alongside the other wrap for an amazing surprise! Man, was it a GREAT fluff mail day!

Pros: DROOL-WORTHY COLORS! This wrap is stunningly gorgeous! Every thread color is meticulously woven together to make this insanely pretty. The weaver, Pille Kapetanakis of Omega Organics, chose a weave and weft combination that is very detailed and shows off all of the different variations in color.

fb oo hw4

This wrap is also plush. My first reaction taking it out of the envelope was how thick and squishy it is. I would say it is a medium-thick wrap, compared to others I’ve wrapped with thus far. It is slightly thicker than most cotton wraps, and feels very similar to a little frog wrap in thickness, but has a nice grippy texture that I’ve only felt in handwovens.

fb oo hw6 fb oo hw5

I also whole-heartedly agree with it’s owner when she says it has “stretch, bounce and cush.” Wrapping with this wrap affirms my belief that handwovens are worth every penny. This wrap, and the Plume Handwoven “Tanner”, have a feel that no other wrap has. I use a superman toss to put BabyT on my back, and then pull the top and bottom rails of the wrap around him to keep him snug. Knotting in the front for a back wrap cross carry (BWCC), this wrap is a nice handful and makes an elegant, full, padded knot across the chest.

Cons: Cost. Unfortunately, as with all handwovens, cost plays the biggest part in why most will never be able to own or try a handwoven. They are also harder to get ahold of, as most weavers have long waiting lists, stockings that sell out in a matter of seconds, or use random draws to sell their wraps in the fairest way possible. But if you can, TRY!

The Wrap-Up…
I will be wrapping with the Bora Bora constantly until she must fly home to her owner. I am SUPER grateful that I was ever able to host this spectacular wrap!

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