Kokadi Fire Scales

Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Kokadi
Name: Fire Scales
Size: 4
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $120-150
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Kokadi are a well-known collection of wraps and can usually be found new or used online.

kkd fire3

I’ve always admired the cool scale-looking wraps that Kokadi makes. They come in a couple really cool colors and remind me of dragons. While talking to this wrap’s owner, who owns a couple variations of the scales print, I decided to bust out of my norm of blues and greens and go for red… diversify!

Pros: This is a 100% cotton wrap, and is pretty soft. It feels pretty well broken in. It is a thinner wrap, like most cotton Kokadi wraps I’ve felt so far. It wraps really nicely and had a good grip to it. The patterning of the scales give the Fire Scales wrap lots of texture, which makes for a good tie off that holds really well.
Most Kokadi wraps also have the advantage of being very affordable, while also being good quality. They make great wraps, with a ton of different colors and beautiful prints.

kkd fire4 kkd fire2

Cons: There aren’t many cons to this wrap. The only thing I could potentially see as a disadvantage to this wrap would be that it is on the thinner side. It may be less supportive for a larger baby, though it did hold BabyT at a little over 20lbs. While it is soft, it’s not as soft as some other wraps that I’ve wrapped with. The texture of the scales takes away from the softness of the wrap a bit.

The Wrap-Up…
After hosting this wrap I’ve considered an idea for once I’ve completed the 100 Wrap Challenge… maybe all the scales will be in the wish list for 2015!

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