HopTye Pune


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Hoppediz
Name: Hoptye Pune
Size: One Size
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $100-165
Style: Wrap Conversion Mei Tai
Age Range: up to toddlerhood
Find-ability: These are easy Mei Tais to find used and new

When I saw this Hoppediz HopTye listed for a travel on Wrap Wanderlust I was eager for the chance to try it! It is a very popular and affordable wrap conversion mei tai, that touts it’s comfort, compactness and adjustability. I wanted to put all the hype up to the test!

fb hoptye2

Pros: I have to agree with the adjustability, comfort, and most of all compactness! It is certainly adjustable, with drawsting adjustability for in between BabyT’s legs, so his seat gets perfectly wide support. The hood is also pretty cool, in that it rolls up and has a button, in order to use it as a headrest for a smaller baby.

It is also really comfortable and snug. The HopTye is a mei tai, which means it is all straps and no buckles, usually I find that mei tais are a bit more time consuming to put on, but this one was surprisingly easy to tie off and secure. The waist strap is shorter and padded, so it doesn’t get in the way and is very easy to tie. The shoulder straps are non-padded wrap style straps and wrap across the front and can be easily spread out around BabyT so I feel like he is carried snugly.

fb hoptye

The last, and most convenient, thing about the HopTye is how compact it is. The wrap used to make this carrier is called the Hoppediz Pune, which is the thinnest cotton wrap I’ve ever felt. It makes for a thin, breathable and stowable wrap conversion. This is an entire carrier that I could easily stow away in my glove box, diaper bag or stroller without taking up much space at all.

Cons: Something that concerns me about the HopTye is how small it is. They say this carrier is suitable for toddlers, but the rise up the back is pretty short, at between 13-14” tall. BabyT is a tall 5 months old, but I already feel as though he would soon max this carrier out in height. I would love to revisit the HopTye carrier once BabyT is older, just to see if it would still fit him comfortably and securely.


The Wrap-Up…
I think the HopTye is ideal for anyone who wants an easy carrier, but is a wrapper at heart. This has many of the features someone who loves wraps would really appreciate, but is also easy enough to use without any experience. I would also love to own one of these for traveling with because it is just that compact!

I found another cute babywearing book for my bugs, cheap and cute: Carry me (Babies Everywhere)

BigSisterJ Approved!

BigSisterJ Approved!

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