Why the Wraptastic Marathon?

wrap stash

Why the wrap-tastic marathon?!

How did all this crazy start? While pregnant with my third baby, BabyT, I was determined to collect one of each “style” of baby carrier. With my first two kiddos, I had only ever used your run-of-the-mill crotch-dangler carriers. When my second child, E-Boy, was close to two-years-old, I tried a ring sling for the first time. It was just a little too late, and the non-stop running E-Boy was NOT a willing participant!

Around week 20 of my third pregnancy I started this crazy babywearing dream. I wasn’t really sure which carrier would suit baby and me best, so I decided to just try them all! First in the collection was an Ergo, then a Boba Sleepy Wrap, a ring sling, a woven wrap, and the cherry on top, a Wrap Conversion Mei Tai! I felt as though I had one of each style- a soft-structured carrier (SSC), a stretchy wrap, a woven wrap, a ring sling, and a mei tai.

In January 2014, BabyT was born and I started wearing him almost instantly! Around day 5, BabyT fell asleep in the Boba Sleepy Wrap, and from that moment on I was hooked! I joined every Facebook forum and group about Babywearing. Borrowed a few carriers from my local lending library. Then, I struck babywearing GOLD: wrap traveling…

There are groups of hundreds of mamas online who “travel” wraps. For anywhere from 7 days to a couple of months, these awesome mamas lend and borrow their wraps and carriers to other awesome mamas all across the country! My mind was blown, and the wheels set in motion for what would become a yearlong journey to TRYALLTHEWRAPS!

Join me on my journey, and see if I can complete the 100 carrier challenge, by BabyT’s first birthday. Every carrier will be well-photographed, intricately described, different carries discussed, and much much more! I have until January 4th, 2015… think I can do it?


2 thoughts on “Why the Wraptastic Marathon?

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