Solarveil Ring Sling

Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Homemade
Name: Water Sling
Size: Medium
Material: Solarveil
Price Range: $15-65
Style: Ring Sling
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Solarveil is pretty easy to purchase inexpensively. Premade water ring slings can sometimes be found for sale new and used

A friend of mine had some extra solarveil material and offered it to me if I wanted it to make a water sling with.  I gratefully took her up on her offer and went to to purchase a set of small nylon sling rings.  A good friend of mine is a really good sewer, and sewed up this solarveil ring sling for some water fun this summer.

Pros: The solarveil makes for a great water sling.  It is super thin and airy, and dries very quickly when it gets wet.  I went back and forth on whether to get nylon or metal sling rings, but I’m glad I went with the small nylon rings. The nylon sling rings, from, are perfect for a water wrap, and don’t get slippery once wet. They hold the solarveil nice and snug.


Cons: Solarveil is a VERY thin material. While it is great for drying quickly when wet, it does not offer very much support, and could be considered “diggy” by some. After a while it does start to dig into my shoulder and side a bit, especially if not in the water. The water takes a bit of the brunt of BabyT’s 20lbs of weight.

Another thing worth mentioning about solarveil is that it DOES NOT have sun-protectant properties as some used to think. Here is a great article about that on Zerberts Blog.

The Wrap Up…
For our summer needs in the pool or at the beach, I’m really glad to have this ring sling. It’s an easy in and out solution and dries quick enough to put it back in the diaper bag when we are done!


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