Plume Handwoven Tanner

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Plume Handwoven           
Name: Tanner
Size: 5
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $420 ($100/meter)
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: This is a custom handwoven wrap. Other handwovens can be obtained by contacting the weaver at Plume Handwovens
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I had been chatting back and forth with the wonderful weaver, Sarah, who makes Plume Handwoven wraps. When BabyT was a few weeks old, she started this absolutely stunning wrap and graciously let me be the tester! I cannot even tell you all how excited I was for this opportunity! I had never seen or felt a handwoven, and to OWN one?!? I was over the moon (and still am with this wrap).


A couple months later it arrived at my doorstep: beautifully packaged with a card. I was SO excited that it finally arrived. I’m not the most patient person… okay, that’s a stretch, I’m not really patient at all…

Taking it out of the package was like waiting for that last, and best present on your birthday. It was soft. It was squishy. It was fluffy. It was GORGEOUS. It is a medium-thin wrap, with lots of grip, and wraps like a dream with the most perfect tie off.


Pros: This wrap has a billion pros, I cannot even cover them all… I’d likely just gush about how fabulous it is for about 5000 more words. Let’s just name a couple of the important ones. First of all, the weaver, Sarah, is amazing. When dealing with someone making a custom wrap, it’s important to trust in the abilities of the weaver, and that comes with a lot of communication. Sarah was very communicative, shared lots of progress pictures during the creation of this wrap, and was helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure to chat with her!

sleepy dust from day one!

sleepy dust from day one!

Second, this wrap is like a dream, literally, a cloud. Coming to me brand new, it was soft and fluffy as your favorite blankie: you know that one you slept with as a kid, that you still hide under a pillow when company comes over. We use it as a blanket, a chew toy, a stuffed animal, a lovey, and a wrap.

The last thing I’ll commend about this wrap is it’s stunning beauty. I wish I could capture all of the subtly, natural beauty of the colors of this wrap. It was so lovingly put together with the most beautiful colors, giving it hints of texture throughout the wrap.


Cons: The only trouble with this wrap is I can’t own a ton of them! Handwovens are more expensive, though WELL worth the cost for the pristine craftsmanship that goes into each one individually. And they are one-of-a-kind (OOAK), well sometimes they have “sister wraps” which are made at the same time. But it’s not like the ones from major retailers that have hundreds of the same print to sell.

beautiful wrap for a beautiful boy

beautiful wrap for a beautiful boy

The Wrap-Up…
Who has some questions they’d be interested in asking a weaver? Comment with any questions you’d like answered! There will be a spotlight blog post “Interview With A Weaver” coming up soon!


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