Oscha Starry Night Shona

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Oscha
Name: Starry Night Shona
Size: 5
Material: 50% Cotton 50% Hemp
Price Range: $190-215
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: There are a bunch of different starry night versions that can be found new and used online

This Oscha Shona was my second attempt at a hemp blend. I figured after trying the new and crispy Nati Odyssey hemp blend, and not being all that impressed, I owed it to the babywearing world to try another hemp blend that was a little more broken in. The mama who owns this Shona said it was her first wrap, and was very well loved, so I took the plunge with hemp again.


Pros: Squishy, fluffy, almost gooey. You know how warm brownies just melt with fudgy goodness? This wrap melts into a gooey, smooshy, soft mess. I am AMAZED at how much I am undeniably head-over-heals in love with this wrap. Just taking it out of the package, it is the polar opposite of what I was expecting after my last hemp encounter. The squish and cush to this wrap is more than any other wrap I’ve tried yet! I’ve decided to call it the memory foam of the wrapping world!


The thickness of this wrap is hard to capture in words, as it is a somewhat thick wrap at first touch. But once wrapping with the Shona, the thickness doesn’t seem so much thick, as it does foamy and springy. It has a lot of plushness that makes it wrap like a thinner wrap, but has the extra comfort and support that comes with the thickest of wraps- the best of both worlds.

I also think the color and pattern are absolutely beautiful. I love blues and teals, and this is a deep heavenly sky blue color. The starry pattern is very subtle, which I find creates a very elegant look about this wrap.


Cons: NONE! Okay… okay… I guess I would have to go back to the fact that this wrap was extremely well broken in before it ever made it to my doorstep. The only downfall to this wrap is that I’m almost positive it took forever and a day to get it to this gooey pile of wrap that it is today. I’ve met the before and after on hemp… rough to start off, but man is it WORTH IT in the end!


The Wrap Up…
Hemp for the win! I’m in LOVE and will be looking for more hempy goodness. I think a hemp shortie will be in my ISO list for my personal stash. What are your favorite hemp blends?


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