Natibaby Odyssey

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Natibaby
Name: Odyssey
Size: 5
Material: 30% Hemp 70% Cotton
Price Range: $185
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: I have not seen many of these for sale

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I am a world traveler at heart, so the print on this wrap sucked me in. When its owner posted a travel on the Facebook group, Babywearing 102, I was instantly drawn into trying it out! The print wasn’t the only thing that interested me about this wrap, but I had also never tried a hemp blend wrap before, and that seems to be the rage at the moment!

Upon receiving this wrap, I realized how rough new hemp blends are. It felt a tad like sandpaper. It isn’t super thick, but hemp deffninently is NOT soft when new. The globe and compass print is much more gorgeous in person than I could ever get on a photograph.


Pros: I find the print to be something really unique and beautiful. I have also heard that the hemp/cotton blends are especially supportive for larger babies. When wrapping with this wrap, I find the tie-off to be super easy, and sticks really well. The nature of the hemp/cotton has the advantage of being nice and grippy and holding a single knot very well. I didn’t even feel as though I even needed a second tie to hold everything tightly.


Cons: Owch on the hemp. I would not buy a new hemp/cotton blend, and if you decide to, make sure you are very prepared to do a LOT of beating it into submission. This wrap has turned me off from wanting hemp just a bit… I’m hoping, during the 100 wrap challenge that I can get my hands on a well broken-in hemp blend to see how different they are. I figure there must be a reason everyone is so in love with the hemp.

The Wrap-Up…
Beautiful wrap… but not feelin’ the hempy love quite yet.

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