Natibaby Mea


Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Natibaby
Name: Mea Turquoise
Size: 6
Material: 55% Cotton 45% Bamboo Viscose
Price Range: $120-170
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Natibaby Mea seems to be a wrap that is available new or used, but not necessarily in the exact color you are always looking for

This is the first wrap I have ever tried that was a blend with cotton. Up until the Mea I had only owned and wrapped with 100% cotton. So I was a bit curious to find a soft squishy blend, and was directed by the wrapping-gurus to try a bamboo blend with a BabyT squish. I found this Mea on the Babywearing Swap from a mama who was selling it almost brand new, so it came to me very slightly broken in, but not much.

Pros: This is an absolutely beautiful colored wrap with a very pretty design. I am typically drawn to things with symmetrical designs, and not so much larger cartoon prints, so this wrap was exactly the kind of pattern I was looking for. And, as always, turquoise wins me over in the color department.

The Mea lives up to the reputation of bamboo blends being super soft. It is beyond soft, and super squishy to wrap with. It is a nice, marshmallowy handful when grabbing the rails to wrap around a tiny 10lb BabyT. This wrap is seriously the most perfect softness for wrapping a newborn baby. I was extra impressed because it isn’t broken in, but is still soft as a baby’s butt!

While this wrap is super soft and squishy, it also feels very supportive. I would say it is of medium thickness, and similar to the feel of a cotton Oscha wrap. It has plenty of cush at the shoulder, and wraps nice and snug around BabyT. There is not much bounce or give to this wrap at all.

Cons: I have been told that bamboo/cotton blends aren’t as supportive with a larger baby, and I could see where that is true. This wrap is super soft, but doesn’t have any stretch, so I could foresee it being harder to get a good fit with a heavier kiddo.

The Mea also doesn’t have very much texture in its weave pattern, so it is a bit slippery. It is a bit slick and not grippy at all. I really needed the second knot in the tie off to keep this carry from losing its tightness.

On a personal note, this is a size 6 wrap, which I was directed toward because I was newer to the wrapping scene. I feel as though it was a bit too much wrap, and kinda’ overwhelmed me to a certain extent. It’s not a “con” for everyone, each person really has their own preference when it comes to wrap sizes, I think a 6 is a bit longer than I would look to own in the future.

The Wrap-Up…
The Natibaby Mea has certainly shown me that I love bamboo! I love how soft it is and would love to find more bamboo blend wraps to try and compare with this one. What bamboo blends are in your stash that you absolutely love and think I should try?

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