Kokadi Love In Your Heart

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Kokadi
Name: Love In Your Heart (LIYH)
Size: 6
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $250-300
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Pretty difficult to find this limited release wrap, only sometimes for sale used

I have really enjoyed hosting and owning Kokadi (KKD) wraps, so when my friend offered to let me borrow her Love In Your Heart wrap I was thrilled! It’s such a fun print, with bright colors and is a well broken in wrap.


Pros: This wrap is really soft. I have come to expect a certain thickness and softness to broken in KKD wraps, and this Love In Your Heart wrap was exactly what I was hoping for. The softness of their cotton makes it easy to wrap, spread the passes and tighten all of the rails to get a nice snug carry.


It isn’t a thin wrap, but isn’t super thick either. Most of the 100% cotton Kokadi wraps I’ve had so far all seem to be the same medium thickness, a tad thicker than the Girasols. That extra thicknes seems to add some cush to the shoulders when wrapping, and I really like that. It is nice and smooth, without a lot of texture.


Best of all, BigSisterJ about lost her mind in excitement when she saw this wrap! It is a 7-year-old girl’s dream wrap from sure! She was in love with the Girasol Tenango, because she had never seen a pink wrap before, but this one BLEW HER AWAY! She instantly insisted on wearing BabyT, and that always melts my heart!


Cons: This wrap is a limited edition release through PaxBaby, and is very difficult to find, as most of its owners are in love, hehehe no pun intended! There is a cool specialness to having a limited edition wrap, but when you don’t have it and are trying to find one, that can be exceedingly frustrating! This is no fault of the wrap’s, of course, just something to be noted and expected if you are looking to find and purchase this particular wrap.


The Wrap Up…
Once again, Kokadi cotton lives up to its expectations! I’ve tried a wool blend Kokadi, but look forward to trying other blends of theirs. Which Kokadi blend wraps do you have?


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