Kokadi Eisvogel Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

wcrs kkd eisvogel

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Kokadi
Name: Eisvogel
Size: Medium
Material: 60% Cotton 40% Wool
Price Range: $165-185
Style: Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS)
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: I haven’t seen many of this wrap up for sale, the wool/cotton blend seems to be somewhat rare


Originally I owned this beautiful birds, owls, and flowers as a size 5 wrap.  I bought this from a lovely mama while I was pregnant with BabyT.  It was pre-loved and very well broken in.  At the time I was still very overwhelmed by the idea of wrapping with so much material.  I also didn’t have a ring sling, and many other mamas seemed to think that a ring sling was a babywearing must-have for any newborn.  So, this beautifully soft wrap got sent to the fabulous Jan, at Sleeping Baby Productions (SBP) to be turned into two ring slings.  A friend of mine bought the other ring sling and that helped to offset the cost of having a wrap converted.

legs-in newborn hold - they can also safely be worn legs-out

legs-in newborn hold – they can also safely be worn legs-out

The first time putting BabyT in a ring sling was a bit complicated.  But, there I was with my 8-day-old squish flopped into a ring sling… how hard could it be???  Let’s just say there is a learning curve that goes along with the ring sling and all its rails and pockets and tails.  If at first you don’t succeed, ring sling again!  I will admit to thinking that ring slings were just NOT for me.  I watched YouTube videos about ring slings, talked to friends who had used them, and just kept trying.  After all, there had to be a reason everyone seemed to love them so much! The more I attempted to use this ring sling, the more I fell in love with it.

SBP medium on 5'8" and 130lbs

SBP medium on 5’8″ and 130lbs

Pros: This is THE SOFTEST wrap I have ever felt, and that is my favorite part about it.  I had never had any experience with wool before this wrap, and I have been told by others that wool is rough and scratchy when new.  I was lucky enough to get this wrap very well loved and satiny soft and squishy.  I will have to see if I come across other wool blends along my journey, to see if they are as soft and squishy as this broken in Kokadi wool/cotton blend.


There is also a very beautiful pattern to this wrap.  The “Eisvogel,” which translates from German as “Polar Birds,” are whimsical and artsy.  And the turquoise and soft off-white contrast are colors I absolutely love together.


Cons: The ring sling style of carrier is a bit to get used to.  There is a learning curve, and lots of practice that goes into using it quickly and effectively.  Once mastered, I believe it’s no longer a “con” at all.  The ring sling turns out to be a quick carrier for in and out of stores, the post office (for shipping all those wraps J ) and a toddler who frequently wants up and down.  The only other down side I could see potentially with this wrap conversion, is that the wool/cotton blend is a tad slippery when super well broken in, as mine is.  This could lead to a heavier child (25lbs+) to sagging.  Not in an unsafe way, just that the rings may let some of the fabric slip a bit, and not hold as snug as some may want.

wool makes a great snuggly winter wrap

wool makes a great snuggly winter wrap

The Wrap-Up…
Was my first wrap conversion ring sling (WCRS) a success?  Extremely! After learning how to use this ring sling, I am on the hunt for more!


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