Kinderpack Night Owls Standard/Standard (New Style)

Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: KinderPack by Kindercarry
Name: Night Owls
Size: Standard/Standard
Material: Cotton/Athletic Mesh
Price Range: $150-200
Style: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
Age Range: 30”/20lbs+
Find-ability: Kinderpacks are available new and used online and at some brick and mortar retailers

I was looking for a soft structured carrier (SSC), or buckle carrier, to add to my perma-stash. I had the ErgoBaby, but sold it, and then I tried the KinderPack from our local babywearing lending library. It fit great, was nicely padded, and adjustable enough to feel as though BabyT was well supported. Then, when I saw the “Night Owls” print, my owl obsession got the best of me…

Pros: Quick and easy! Waistbelt, click; should straps, click click; pull tight; DONE. Babywearing cannot get much simpler than that. The simplicity is what I would consider the biggest advantage to this style, and the Kinderpack in general. Perfect for beginners or experienced wearers.


This carrier is also really comfortable. The waistband is well structured with nicely padded shoulder straps, making this SSC comfy for Mama. It also had legs out padding and a mesh panel for Baby’s comfort too. The mesh center panel also makes it’s a bit more breathable than the full panel canvas kinderpack I tried before.

Another cool feature that only a few SSCs on the market have is a hidden hood. Inside the center of the kinderpack body panel there is a hood with buckles tucked away. There are two snaps at the top of the body on the carrier where the hood is stored, and the piece of fabric where the snaps are actually doubles as a nice head rest/neck support.


Cons: After a while wearing any SSC, I find them to be less comfortable than wrapping. The buckles and the belts start to dig a bit. There is nothing to spread across the shoulders to change how the weight is distributed, like there would be with a Mei Tai style carrier. There are also very few options for how you can wear the KinderPack: front carry or back carry (and some would say a hip carry… but that’s a bit awkward in my humble opinion).


The other draw back is that they are sized. In trying the first KinderPack from my local lending library, I tried the slightly smaller version: an infant/standard. This sizing refers to the body (infant) and the strap length (standard). The Night Owls carrier is a standard/standard. It was a tough decision to make, based on how fast my kiddos get big, as to which size carrier I should choose in order to get the most use out of it as BabyT grows. The infant/standard fit, but I’m glad I went with the standard/standard, as I think it will be more functional for the long haul.

The Wrap-Up…
I always thought I would be more of a SSC person, but I’ve ended up being a pretty hard-core wrap and ring sling mama. After using a few different brands of SSC, I have to say the KinderPack is my favorite for long lasting comfort and a supportive fit. It stays perma-stash!


P.S. My Night Owls KinderPack came to me with Dr. Who “Tardis” snaps where the hood is stored (only a couple were made with these special edition KAMsnaps). At first I was slightly disappointed, as I had not asked for Tardis snaps, and am not a Dr. Who fan… It kinda’ bugged my OCD nature that my beautiful owls carrier, with matching owl suck pads had TARDIS snaps… what the heck… then my AWESOME husband mentioned that they put the snaps there because owls say “HOOOO” like “Dr. Who”. It has now been dubbed the “Dr. Hooooo-T” KinderPack, and I’m sure it will become a collector’s edition some day.


5 thoughts on “Kinderpack Night Owls Standard/Standard (New Style)

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  4. Not gonna lie, having major kp envy over your snaps. I’m a huge whovian and am amazed they even came with them 🙂 thanks for sharing!


    • I was kinda clueless to be honest, and a friend of mine was all “OH MY GOSH, those are tardis snaps!!!!”
      Kps are awesome carriers, and this one is deffinently extra special!


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