Kinderpack Infant/Standard Coquette (Old Style)

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Brand: KinderPack by Kindercarry
Name: Coquette
Size: Infant/Standard
Material: Cotton/Canvas
Price Range: $150-200
Style: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
Age Range: 4-6weeks+
Find-ability: Kinderpacks are available new and used online and at some brick and mortar retailers.

I was looking to try a different brand of soft structured carrier (SSC), or buckle carrier. I had owned and used the ErgoBaby, but decided it wasn’t for us and sold it. This is the first KinderPack I have ever used. I was able to borrow it from our local babywearing lending library. It fits great, is nicely padded, and adjustable enough to feel as though BabyT is nice and snug.


Pros: Quick and easy! Waistbelt, click; shoulder straps, click click; pull tight; DONE. Babywearing cannot get much simpler than that. The simplicity is what I would consider the biggest advantage to this style, and the Kinderpack in general. Perfect for beginners or experienced wearers.

The synching strap at the seat of the carrier is a genius idea! I have never used a SSC that was adjustable like that, in between the legs, so that it doesn’t pull BabyT’s legs too far apart. I really like that idea, and feel like it’s a bit more comfortable than using a normal wide SSC, and is less to hassle with in comparison with buying an extra infant piece, like the ErgoBaby Infant Insert.

Another cool feature that only a few SSCs on the market have is a hidden hood. Inside the center of the kinderpack body panel there is a hood with buckles tucked away. There are two snaps at the top of the body on the carrier where the hood is stored, and the piece of fabric where the snaps are actually doubles as a nice head rest/neck support.


Cons: After a while wearing any SSC, I find them to be less comfortable than wrapping. The buckles and the belts start to dig a bit. There is nothing to spread across the shoulders to change how the weight is distributed, like there would be with a Mei Tai style carrier. There are also very few options for how you can wear the KinderPack: front carry or back carry (and some would say a hip carry… but that’s a bit awkward in my humble opinion).

While the synching seat for under Baby’s tushie is a really cool feature, it also comes with a small price. In order to accommodate the adjustable width seat, the body panel is not fixed to the waistband. Instead, it is sewn in a hoop around the waistband, which creates the opportunity for the canvas fabric of the body panel to move and get slightly bunched up on the waistband. This is something that can easily be pulled up and corrected, but something I thought was worth mentioning.

The other draw back is that they are sized. The KinderPack sizing refers to the body (infant-which is the only one with the synching seat) and the strap length (standard). This carrier fits BabyT really well at the moment, but I am concerned that he would grow out of it too quickly. If I end up buying a KinderPack it will be hard to decide which size option to go with, so I don’t end up spending too much having to buy another size in a month or two.

The Wrap-Up…
After using a few different brands of SSC, I have to say the KinderPack is my favorite for longer periods of wearing and a better fit with a younger baby. I am seriously considering purchasing one to own very soon!


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