Girasol Symphuo Black Diamond Weave

Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Girasol
Name: Symphuo Black Diamond Weave
Size: 4
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $140-170
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Lots of Girasol wraps are available for sale new and used online and brick and mortar stores


After getting my very first Girasol (the WCHB) I decided I LOVED Girasol wraps. The diamond weave was just so marshmallowy squishy and soft that I figured I would probably really like a wrap in the diamond weave as well. So, I started searching for a Girasol that I really liked… ok… I like them all… but the Symphuo Black Diamond Weave is the one I purchased to add to be my very own.


Pros: This Girasol did not disappoint! Right out of the package, it was super soft and squishy and every thing I expected it to be. The softness of the Girasol wraps, even brand new, is what really impresses me. I have felt quite a few new wraps now, and there are none that compare to the new Girasols, in how little you need to do to break them in. I washed, dried, and put the Symphuo through my sling rings*** a few times, and it felt soft as butter.


I also really love colors, pattern and weave to this particular Gira. The Rainbow in 2inch lines down the wrap makes for a very pretty wrapped up BabyT. I love how the colors and stripes look when wrapped with. I also love how the diamond weave, with the dark black weft, make the colors a deep, dark, and very true color tone.


This was the first size 4 wrap I have ever wrapped with. I really went back and forth over which wrap size I should purchase. I have wrapped with 5s and 6s in the past, and had always felt as though they were a bit long for me, but as a somewhat inexperienced wrapper, I was advised to use the longer wraps. I think the size 4 was a good choice, and has made wrapping seem a bit less taxing or overwhelming, as it’s not as much fabric, and doesn’t get twisted all around my legs when I attempt to back wrap BabyT.


Cons: I have NO complaints about this beautiful Girasol. Up until now, Girasol has me wrapped around their pinky finger, so to speak. Their wraps have really impressed me. The only thing I could ever see a complaint about may be the thinness of the wrap. It is a 100% cotton wrap, and while the diamond weave does make it a bit cushier, it is still a thinner wrap compared with many other cotton brands. For a super heavy toddler, this may not have enough cush in the shoulders to keep it comfortable. But hey, I know tons of people who love their Giras for their toddlers. Guess I’ll have to update once I can borrow a toddler to test that theory out!


The Wrap-Up…
Girasol for life! Yup. Do you have a brand of wraps or carriers that have won you over??? Please share! I have set a goal to try them all during the 100 wrap challenge!


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