Girasol Flamenco with Fringe

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Girasol
Name: Flamenco with Fringe
Size: 6
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $150-175
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: The Flamenco is a 2011 release wrap, and it therefore a bit harder to find new or used

On the hunt to try out all the different wraps, with all the features, blends and styles, fringe was on my list of things to try out. This wrap came from a mama who has become very near and dear to me, and has helped out with the 100 Wrap Challenge A TON. Once again, I had the honor of hosting one of her wraps, and this time with some fringe!


Pros: As always, I love me some Gira! They are just the softest cotton, no matter how loved or new they come to me. This Gira is no different, and is a thin twill weave, with a soft yet grippy feel. I love how soft all Giras are, and after wrapping with quite a few, I have come to the conclusion that I will never meet a crunchy Girasol. So, if you’re looking for instant softness, Girasol is your brand for sure. Can’t go wrong there.

twill vs diamond weave

twill vs diamond weave

I have enjoyed hosting a few wraps with the twill weave for its breathability. While I prefer the look and texture of the Gira diamond weaves, the twill weave is very light weight and airy for summer weather. The twill weave, in combination with the thinner cotton style of the Flamenco make for a great warm weather wrap that doesn’t overheat like other cottony wraps I’ve tried.

Most of the time twill weaves seem to be too slippery to me, but this is the third twill weave Girasol I’ve tried, and no slipping at all. The weave and thinness together seem to give this wrap enough grip to hold a nice tight knot and keep snug and supportive around BabyT.


Cons: Okay, the fringe… it’s personal I know. As happy as I am that I was able to try a wrap with fringe, it’s not something I would purchase and own in my perma-stash of babywearing paraphernalia. It wasn’t horrible or anything, but it isn’t something I like the look of while wrapping. It was also slightly distracting while trying to tie off the carry, trying to pull all of the little fringy pieces through the knot. But, to each wrapper their own!

The Wrap Up…
Glad I got down with my inner fringe, but I’ll leave that to the fringe-devotees in the future I think. Do you have a wrap with fringe? Would you care to share some action shots???


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