Ergo Galaxy Dyed

Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: ErgoBaby
Name: Galaxy Grey – Dyed “Ocean”
Size: One Size
Material: Cotton
Price Range: $115
Style: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
Age Range: Newborn+ (“infant insert” can be purchased separately for newborns)
Find-ability: Ergos are one of the easiest and most affordable, ergonomically safe carriers to find, in a wide variety of brick and mortar stores as well as many places new and used online.

This is the very first SSC I have ever owned! I used an Ergo with my second kiddo, EBoy, and liked it. I love the star pattern on the Galaxy Ergo, so I decided to buy it off the Babywearing Swap. Then I decided that I really wanted it to be a deep bluish-green color. That led to a really fun dyeing project that I wrote a tutorial for DIY Ergo Dying.

ergo dye

Pros: The ease of finding this in a brick and mortar store is the biggest advantage the ErgoBaby SSC has over other carriers. It is easy to purchase new from big box stores like BuyBuyBaby and Babies ‘R’ Us, even Target carries them. They are also pretty cheap used, and are a dime a dozen on resale websites like craigslist and the Babywearing Swap on Facebook.

Quick and easy! Waistbelt, click; should straps, click click; pull tight; DONE. Babywearing cannot get much simpler than that. The simplicity is what I would consider the biggest advantage to this style of carriers. It is very straight forward, and easy to use right out of the box. It is perfect for beginners or experienced wearers.

I like that the ErgoBaby has a zippered pouch in the front. It fits a diaper, some cash/debit cards, and a cell phone pretty well. It is rendered useless if you are doing a back carry, but it is a cool feature nonetheless. The cotton material starts pretty soft, and the carrier is machine washable- and I tested that theory well!

Cons: After a while wearing any SSC, I find them to be less comfortable than wrapping. The buckles and the belts start to dig a bit. There is nothing to spread across the shoulders to change how the weight is distributed, like there would be with a Mei Tai style carrier. There are also very few options for how you can wear a buckle carrier: front carry or back carry (and some would say a hip carry… but that’s a bit awkward in my humble opinion).

The other draw back is that the ErgoBaby isn’t adjustable enough to use with a very small baby, without purchasing an additional “infant insert.” I’m not a big fan of having an additional cost, or having another thing to fiddle with while trying to put the baby in the carrier. Some mamas have rectified this situation by rolling up a swaddle blanket under their little ones tushie, so it gives enough support to a smaller little one.

The Wrap-Up…
I enjoyed the Ergo and couldn’t really find any deal-breaking fault in the Ergo, except the fact that I wanted to try out other things, and ended up falling in love with a KinderPack… and I don’t really neeeeed both…


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