EmeiBaby Antigua

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: EmeiBaby
Name: Antigua
Size: Standard
Material: Cotton
Price Range: $165
Style: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC-wrap/ring sling hybrid)
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Not many used for sale, but plenty of websites carry them new

I was really excited to get a chance to try this carrier. I had read a lot about the EmeiBaby carriers, and heard from a lot of people who really love how adjustable they are. My initial reaction to the Emeibaby Antigua was how pretty it is. I love blues and greens, and this carrier is made with a beautiful blue, teal and green 100% cotton wrap piece across the front. There is a small set of sling rings on either side of the front of the carrier, which holds the wrap piece in place, and allows for the wearer to pull the wrap piece snugly against your body, much like a ring sling. It has a buckle waist, and buckle shoulder straps, as well as a hood that snaps to the shoulder straps.

babyt at two weeks old (12lbs)

babyt at two weeks old (12lbs)

Pros: Adjustability! Ill say it again: ADJUSTABILITY. I have never seen a carrier with more adjustable options than the EmeiBaby. The hybrid mix of wrap, two sets of sling rings, buckle waist and shoulder straps, AND a synchable string for in between BabyT’s legs, makes this carrier by far the most customizable fit for any baby or toddler.
It is soft, has great shoulder and waist padding, and is easy to buckle on and off. Once everything was adjusted and snug, BabyT (at about 3 weeks old) was nice and cozy. This carrier does offer a lot of support for even the smallest, squishiest of babies.

Cons: Adjustability is a double-edged sword here. While it is amazing that you can customize the fit of this carrier to every size and shape of child… it is also complicated. So, the greatest advantage becomes the biggest demise for this carrier. Had I not had experience with ring slings, buckle carriers AND wraps, this carrier would be rendered almost useless. Even with experience, this is not a quick or easy on-and-off, as I have come to expect from most SSCs. All the different straps, and rings and pull here, push there, tighten this, loosen that, can become very frustrating.

The Wrap-Up…
I would not recommend this carrier to someone who is a first time babywearer, but it is a pretty fun carrier for someone with some moderate-advanced babywearing experience under their belt!

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