Didymos Ornament Anthracite

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Didymos
Name: Ornament Anthracite
Size: 5
Material: 60% Organic Cotton 40% Tussah Silk
Price Range: $180-200
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Uncommon to find used, but still some new through online retailers


One of the goals of my 100 Wrap Challenge is to have as well-rounded a collection as possible. Once I complete the challenge, I want to be able to reflect on the broadest spectrum of wraps available, and one of the aspects I’m most interested in are the different material blends. This Didy Ornament is the first in the collection of 100 to be a silk blend. I was really interested in how silk would play with cotton in the form of a wrap. A very sweet mama sent me this wrap, and the rest of her wraping stash, in order to get down and wrappy with silk!


Pros: BREATHABLE… and I mean BREATHABLE! The first thing I noticed when opening the box that had this wrap in it, was how small the shipping envelope was! I thought to myself, “there’s no way there is a size 5 in there…” But, much to my disbelief, there was! This wrap is THIN, compact, airy, and breathable. I have never seen a wrap this thin before. It is most certainly the perfect 100-degree summer day wrap (would be even more so as a size 3 for a simple ruck, which would leave virtually NO extra layers on the wearer’s skin).

Now, I don’t want anyone to think that the thinness of this wrap AT ALL detracts from it’s supportiveness. It is super supportive, and holds a carry flawlessly. It is solid. It hold nice and snug, and wraps up easily without loosing tension at all. I wouldn’t be able to tell you while wearing the wrap that it was so thin, except for the breathable part. But it is just as supportive, if not more so, than any other thicker wrap I’ve tried so far.

amazing texture in this knot

amazing texture in this knot

I also think this wrap is exceedingly grippy. Even without a thick weave pattern to create texture, the Ornament is a bit gritty under your fingers. When I tied the first knot on my chest before throwing back the cross passes for a back carry, I noticed how much traction it has. That single knot would have sufficed for an entire carry on its own! It has an impressive and unique texture that I haven’t felt on any other wrap before.


Cons: I do find this wrap a tad scratchy. I think that is the nature of the silk and cotton blend, but I do think it has a ways to go to being fully broken in, and that could smooth out the scruff a bit.

The Wrap Up…
I didn’t even have time to mention the beauty of this wrap and its pattern! This wrap would make a wonderful formal wear accessory! I look forward to trying more silk blends, and would love to try one that has been well loved. What brand of wrap do you own in a silk blend that I should try next?


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