Didymos Indio B/W Grad-Dye Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Didymos
Name: Indio Black & White – Grad Dyed
Size: Medium
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $160-180
Style: Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS)
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Didymos Indio wraps are a very popular wrap choice, and pretty easy to find new and used.

The first Didymos wrap I’ve ever tried was an Indio. Indios come in a bunch of different material blends: cotton, wool, hemp, silk, you name it. They also come in every color of the rainbow. They have a beautiful weave pattern that resembles fine art! This Didy Indio is called the “Black and White” and was gradient dyed a purple, blue, and teal. It makes for a stunning ring sling.


I saw this wrap conversion ring sling for sale on the Babywearing Swap group on Facebook and fell in love with how pretty it was… so I NEEDED it.

Pros: This was another WCRS that didn’t break the bank, which is always a plus in my book. With a Didymos, you never sacrifice quality for cost, that’s for sure. It is a beautifully woven all cotton wrap. The dye job on this WCRS is also flawlessly elegant. The 100% cotton on this wrap is a bit thicker than the Girasol wraps I’ve tried, which leads me to believe that this wrap will be a tad more comfortable with a heavier weight baby/toddler, though possibly slightly less breathable.

8 day old babyt in a legs-out carry

8 day old babyt in a legs-out carry

Cons: I found this Indio to be a bit stiffer than other warps that I have tried. It was pretty new when it came to me, so it wasn’t broken in yet. It is very grippy, so it will keep a nice snug hold, which I can imagine being really good with a bigger kiddo, but it wasn’t as soft as I would have liked for my newborn BabyT. This Indio has a really cool texture to the fabric, which I hope will be a bit fluffier once it’s well loved. I ended up sending this wrap traveling to six other mamas on the Wrap Wanderlust Facebook group, and hope it comes home a bit softer.



As always, my ring sling caveat: there is most certainly a learning curve and practice needed to get full use out of the ring sling style. Once mastered, I believe it’s no longer a “con” at all. The ring sling turns out to be a quick carrier for in and out of stores, the post office (for shipping all those wraps J ) and a toddler who frequently wants up and down.


And my “open sewn or gathered” shoulder caveat… This wrap also has the non-pleated, or gathered, similar to the SBP “eesti,” shoulder style, where the fabric is a bit freer to spread over the shoulder. This just happens to not be my preference. While this “con” is a matter of personal preference, I’m not a huge fan of the gathered style. I prefer the pleated shoulder style, as I feel there is less to adjust, and it stays put as I tighten the rails to get a nice, snug fit. While trying to use the gathered shoulder, I found the more free-flowing fabric to get in the way, and slip down my shoulder while I tried to get BabyT situated. I personally favor the pleated shoulder, simply for the ease of use, and less time spent adjusting extra fabric. Again, some mamas I know LOVE the gathered or eesti shoulder; this is merely my opinion and findings on this particular style.

The Wrap-Up…
I’m looking forward to getting this beautiful Indo WCRS back from it’s travels and seeing if it got any softer after a bit more mama and baby traveling love!


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