Boba Sleepy Wrap

Boba Sleepy Wrap

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Boba
Name: Sleepy Wrap
Size: One Size
Material: Jersey Cotton
Price Range: $25-65
Style: Cotton Wrap
Age Range: Newborn-15lbs
Find-ability: Super easy to find new and used on local sales pages, as well as eBay and other online retailers

The very first carrier I tried was an old Boba wrap, called a Sleepy Baby Wrap. This wrap is made out of a cotton jersey material, which is very stretchy, yet still supportive. BabyT is a winter baby, with a January birthday, so the thickness of this wrap was okay with him, but I could imagine it getting pretty toasty for a spring or summer baby. I love how moldable and soft this wrap is. It has enough give to curve around a sweet little body, but is still pretty snug.

Pros: This wrap is ideal for anyone wanting to bust onto the wrapping scene. User-friendly, cost effective, and SOFT. It is really easy to learn how to wrap with a stretchy wrap, as the material is very forgiving. It’s a great gateway wrap, which will give you a better idea if wrapping is your style. I also love how soft this wrap is, right out of the bag. Many woven wraps need a lot of “breaking in” to get them to feel comfy and squishy soft, however this wrap is very soft cushy cotton right from the start; exactly what anyone would want their newborn squishy in. Not to mention, the price tag is more than affordable and they are easily found used for much less than most babywearing items!

Cons: There are a few drawbacks to this kind of wrap: material is a big one. While I found this to be amazingly comfortable with my winter baby, I would not recommend all these layers of thick jersey cotton to be used with a summer baby (at least not outdoors in the heat). I imagine it would become a baby and mama sauna pretty quick. Another potential draw back to the material is the stretch-factor. While cotton jersey is very pliable, it might just be a tad too pliable for any baby heavier than about 15 pounds. If you birth cannonballs, like my 9lbers, then this wrap may not be in it for the long haul.

The Wrap Up…
So, would I buy a Sleepy Wrap again for another little one? Absolutely! Especially because I found it a very easy wrap to learn with and was pleasantly surprised at how soft and squishy it is!

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