Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Babyhawk
Name: Mei Tai
Size: Standard
Material: Cotton
Price Range: $40-90
Style: Mei Tai
Age Range: Newborn-40lbs
Find-ability: Babyhawk mei tais are easy to find new and used online and in some brick and mortar stores

I had heard tons of raving reviews on the Babyhawk mei tai. So many people love the Babyhawk brand, and it’s American made routes. I just had to try it! When BabyT was 12 days old, our new Babyhawk arrived on our doorstep!

Pros: I’m pleasantly surprised with a few features of the Babyhawk. The cost was the first real surprise. For an ergonomic carrier, that was loved by so many, I wasn’t expecting it to be so inexpensive! I was able to find a used one for under $50 shipped right to my door!


I also really love how simple and comfortable it is. The design is really well put together, comfy, and fit the little 12-day-old BabyT like a glove. It doesn’t seem to swallow him whole, like many carriers do with a little 12-15lb babies. The waist and shoulders have a nice amount of padding. My favorite feature on the Babyhawk is the padded head/neck support. It folds down to make a really nice support for the little squishes, and can be folded up for bigger kiddos.


Cons: I can’t honestly find a true “con” or downside to this carrier. There are only one or two things that I wasn’t a huge fan of, or wished were different. First, I wasn’t able to try the Babyhawk on my back with BabyT. I tried, but felt as though I was unable to get a snug, supportive fit for him on my back. I imagine it would be less of an issue with a larger baby, but it is still something to think about when purchasing a carrier.

Second, as someone who likes wrapping, the straps on the Babyhawk are slightly thinner than I would really like. They measure much skinnier than it’s wrap conversion counterparts. I really like to be able to spread the straps up around BabyT, and the Babyhawk doesn’t allow for that. I understand the skinnier straps serve the purpose of keeping the Babyhawk compact and simple, but I personally prefer the support of the spreadable wrap straps.

The Wrap-Up…
This is the first true mei tai I’ve tried. I’m glad I was able to get my hands on one and see what all the hype is about. I look forward to trying a few more mei tais and seeing what the difference. Maybe there are some wrap conversion mei tais in my future! What are your favorite wrap converters?

If you’re interested in buying, check out this link: BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier


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