Little Frog Nephrite

The Wrap 8ssentials
Brand: Little Frog
Name: Nephrite
Size: 7
Material: 100% Cotton
Price Range: $100
Style: Wrap
Age Range: Newborn+
Find-ability: Little Frog wraps are pretty popular and easy to find new and used.

This is the first Little Frog wrap I’ve tried. I was really excited to have it offered to me as a traveler. I had heard so much about Little Frog wraps, that I knew it needed to be one that I tried while doing the 100 Challenge. There were a few things I just wasn’t expecting about this wrap, and I was pleasantly surprised!


Pros: COST! For a woven wrap, you can’t find a better price tag than the Little Frog wraps. They are also frequently offered at even cheaper prices than retail through group buys on a couple different co-op Facebook groups like Nifty Thrifty Gals Co-op. For someone worried that they wont like wrapping, Little Frog is an inexpensive way to take the plunge, and they re-sell on the Babywearing on a Budget Swap page on Facebook if you decide it’s not for you.


The thing I was most surprised by was the quality of this wrap. Because the price tag is so much less than every other woven wrap brand out there, I was expecting something that felt chincy, flimsy and unworthy of serious heavy-BabyT wearing. WRONG. This Nephrite wrap is thick, cushy and supportive with the best of them- even more so than some of the much more costly wraps I’ve used… shhhh… don’t tell!


The twill weave mixed with a thick and heavy cotton makes for a very supportive wrap. I only need one knot on the tie off to feel pretty secure. This is one of the thickest cotton wraps I’ve felt, similar to the Pavo’s thickness. Once I spread the passes across BabyT’s back, it feels extremely solid. I could run a marathon in this wrap and he wouldn’t be going anywhere.


Cons: It’s a little tough, and will take some serious breaking-in time. This Nephrite is on it’s way to being soft, but it’s gonna take some work. It isn’t like a Girasol that is instantly soft. The thickness also makes me question about how hot this would be while using outdoors in the summer heat for very long. It isn’t very breathable.


The Wrap Up…
I’m extremely impressed with Little Frog, and would seriously consider adding one to my personal stash, but I’ll find it really well-loved, not new! Which brands do you find take the longest to break in?


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